Basketball drills for shooting

  • Player on top attacks the basket.
  • Passes along the baseline.
  • Ball to corner makes quick extra pass to wing who takes the 3 point shot.
  • The player at the corner runs to the basket immediately after the pass.
  • Where that gets the ball from the player on the wing on the opposite side works off under the hoop.
  • White triangle takes rebound from the 3 point shot.
  • Blue player takes own rebound. (Passing clockwise.)
  • Divide players into groups of 5.
  • Normally we have 2 or 3 baskets available.
  • For example, every 7 minutes turn over, first center explanation. (most guidance on the dribbling skills needed)
  • Station 1. (Basket 1)
    • 3x2 play from the center line without dribbling (only passing, free running, pivoting)
  • Station 2. (basket 2)
    • 1x1 play (substitution, attacker becomes defender, occasionally change the order to get different match-ups, 1-shot attempt or under time pressure to keep up the momentum)
  • Station 3. (Basket 3 - if available)
    • Shooting exercise: 5 positions on edge of bucket (low, elbow, free throw line, elbow low).
    • 1 player shoots, others catch and pass the ball (1 shot per position, highest score of the group)
  • Station 4 dribbling skills. (1-2 pawns)
    • Over the pylon (do not take it with you, keep control, from left to right, 1 hand behind your back)
    • Lift the pylon with the left, dribble with the right (throw the pylon, catch it with the other hand)
    • Left/right and touch pylon (timer, counting) - hand that releases the ball must touch pylon (low position, defend the ball)
    • 2 pawns, dribble left, touch right
    • 2 cones (8 dribble with 1 hand)
  • Station 5 dribbling skills. (row of pawns)
    • Slalom around the pawns, low dribble, back and forth (tempo)
    • Variant: low dribble, feet on both sides of the pawns, cross after every pylon.
    • Low dribble, always touching the according pawns.
    • Stay in control, stay on the same side. (dribble left, touch pylon with right)
  • Two teams, one basket per team, 2 balls per team.
  • Shooting from 5 positions, 5 scores per position.
  • Finish with a three-pointer.
  • Possibly with switching baskets, if a team has reached a position.
  • Loser runs suicide.
  • Setup:
    • Per 2 or 3 players a basket.
  • Execution: (with 1 hand! other hand on back)
    • Explanation of shot, shoot from the legs, wrist turn, 1 hand, backspin ball.
    • 1 meter from the basket, 1 shooter, 1-2 rebounder.
    • Shoot 3 times, then switch.
    • Then 2 meters.
    • Then side. (through the board)
    • Then side a little further away.
  • Have the players shoot from in front of the basket:
    • Right in the basket.
    • Through the board into the basket.
  • Have players shoot from the side:
    • Right into the basket.
    • Via the board into the basket.
  • Starting lineup:
    • Form triplets.
    • Two balls per trio.
    • One player in the middle.
    • One player on the baseline with one ball.
    • 1 player on the other baseline with ball.
  • Exercise:
    • Player in the middle sprints to the baseline. (to player with ball).
    • Outside the bucket he/she receives the ball.
    • Makes a jump stop.
    • Shoots.
    • Takes own rebound.
    • Player who passed sprints to the other side.
    • Receives pass.
    • Shoots.
  • Team that gets to 20 scores first, wins.

  • There are still too many players who haven't mastered the two-count rhythm yet!
  • Right layups
    • Pay attention to the 2-count rhythm. (push off with the right leg)
    • Upper hand layups.
    • Underhand lyups.
  • Left layups
    • Pay attention to 2-count rhythm (right leg drop off, shoot the ball with the left (or two hands)).
    • Upper hand layups.
    • Underhand lyups.
  • First has no ball
  • Rest in the back with the ball
  • 1 person without ball under goal.
  • Layup
  • 1 step UP
  • In bucket shooting
  • 1 dribble shooting
  • Shooting
  • Quick shooting
  • Two or three teams
  • Per pair or trio 1 ball
  • 1 shooter,
  • 1 o(f 2) rebounder(s)
    • Shooter shoots (from the free throw line, or lower position)
    • Sprinting to the halfway line
    • Rebounder catches ball
    • Passes ball to shooter (good jump stop, correct distance, call for ball)
    • Shooter total of 5 scores, then new shooter
  • Team of which first all shooters have scored 5 times, wins!
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