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Basketball drill: 4 corners drill without a dribble

Suitable for the following techniques: shooting passing rebounding catching dribbling attack

4 Corners drill without a dribble

Option 1
  • Blue runs to the middle and receives the pass from orange
  • Orange then fills in blue
  • White and Red come up at the same time that orange passes to blue
  • White receives the pass from blue at the free throw line and faces the basket
  • Red accelerates somewhere near the free throw line and heads for the basket
  • White passes to red and red makes a layup
Option 2
  • After orange passes to blue, orange also cuts across the right side and there is a second playoff opportunity for white.
Option 3
  • Orange and blue continue to cut in and white takes a shot
  • Orange and blue fight for the rebound and a score
* After building this exercise up to Option 3, players must be sharp, there can always be a pass or fight for the rebound.
* There is no dribbling
* Rotation is counterclockwise

drawing 4 Corners drill without a dribble

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: