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Basketball drills

  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 player at each corner of the bucket
    • 3 defenders in the middle
  • Progression:
    • Players pass to each other without defense being able to touch the ball
    • 1 point for each time the ball can be touched by defense
    • 1 point for every bad pass from offense
    • 1 point for every 5 good passes from offense
drawing 4-on-3 passing drill
  • Make 2 rows low at the Bucket.
  • The PG stands at the top of the 3pt line.
  • Coach stands at the same height receives the intercepted ball and passes it to the PG.
  • The PG passes a hard pass to the player on the left.
  • The player on the left finishes the ball without a dribble.
  • The player on the right automatically becomes a defender.
  • Then the PG passes the ball to the right and goes left to defend.
  • Then passes to the other side.

  • High tempo.
  • Hitting 30 balls.
drawing Close finish
  • 2 players start, each with their own ball.
  • Player 1 starts with a pass to coach/helper, runs around the cone, receives the pass from player 2 and takes a shot from half distance.
  • After the shot, player 2 makes a V-cut away from the ball, receives the pass and takes a shot from half distance.
drawing V-cut & shooting
  • Starting lineup
    • 1 group left end line
    • 1 group middle end line
    • 1 group right end line
    • Balls in the middle
  • Progression:
    • Player in the middle passes to player left
    • Player on the left passes back to player in the middle
    • Player in the middle passes to the right
    • Player on the right does a layup and runs through to the other side
    • Player in the middle runs around the cone on the right side and returns that way
    • Player on the left takes the rebound and runs down the middle
    • Play the same to the other side
  • Progression:
    • No dribbles
    • Run the exercise 2 times in a row
    • Run the drill 3 times in a row
    • Right lay-up
    • Left lay-up
drawing Lakers lay-up drill
  • Make 4 groups of at least 2 players.
  • Put the groups in a square.
  • You can make the square as big as you want, the bigger the heavier.
  • The first players from Blue and Red cross to each other, halfway receive the ball from White/Orange and pass the ball to the position they are running to.
  • The moment White and Orange have passed the ball they also cross over, now receiving the ball passed from Blue and Red.
  • If this is going well at some point, you can have the players pass in the other direction.
drawing Passing Square
  • Starting lineup:
    • 5 players on one side of the field
    • 5 players on the other side of the field
    • 1 ball
  • Conduct:
    • Play 1 against 0
    • Play 2 against 1
    • Play 3 against 2
    • Play 4 against 3
    • Play 5 against 4
    • Games 5 against 5
  • Progression:
    • 30 seconds rest before the next session starts
    • Play this 5 times in a row until everyone has started once
    • Play 6 against 6 if there are 12 of us
  • Regression:
    • Play this 1 time
drawing 1 vs. 0 to 5 vs. 5
  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 player guard
    • 1 player right forward
    • Rest players under goal
  • Progression:
    • Player under goal passes to the right forward
    • Player under goal does a close out
    • Right forward passes to the guard
    • Right forward cuts in front of player doing close out -front cut
    • Guard passes to right forward
    • Right forward does a lay-up
    • UPDATE
    • Player under goal passes to guard
    • Player under goal does a close out
    • Guard passes to right forward
    • Guard cuts in front of player doing close out -front cut
    • Forward passes to the guard
    • Guard does a layup
  • Progression:
    • With enough players, split the group into 2
    • Player cuts behind the player doing close out -rear cut
drawing Pass and front/rear cut
  • In groups of 3.
  • One player passes to himself through the board, takes the rebound and gives an outlet pass by pivoting well.
  • Second player receives the outlet pass and gives it to the third who was behind the first.
  • Everyone slides through.
  • Practice continues continuously.
drawing Outlet - drill
  • The ball starts in the middle.
  • The blue player stays in the middle and always grabs the rebound on both sides of the court. He passes the ball to the outlet.
  • The white player at the outlet passes the ball to the red player on the other side of the court and runs to the Free throw line.
  • The red player runs the layup and becomes the new outlet.
  • Blue grabs the rebound and passes to the outlet, red.
  • Meanwhile, the white player has run back to receive the ball from red and run a layup.
  • The blue rebounder makes sure the ball doesn't hit the floor!

    An intense drill for:
    - fitness
    - team building
    - perseverance
    - passing

    - make x number of scores
    - x number of scores in a row

    IMPORTANT: build well

    To make it easier:
    - Ball may bounce once on rebound anyway
    - The outlet may first set 1 or 2 dribbles before the long pass
drawing Side line fast break drill
  • The players are divided into 4 corners,
  • Every 2nd player in line has a ball.
  • 2 players start and run diagonally across the field.
  • At the 3-point line they receive the pass.
  • Front to goal, feint, crossover to the ring and connect in the opposite corner.
  • The passers in turn run diagonally to the other side.
drawing First step drill
  • Starting lineup:
    • 1 defender at the level of the free throw line
    • Rest of the players in the middle of the center line
    • Ball at the center line
  • Progression:
    • Player dribbles forcefully to in front of the free throw line and takes a shot
    • Defense moves but does not prevent the shot
    • Shotter takes own rebound and rejoins in the back
    • Defense stays standing x number of times
  • Progression:
    • Defense comes up
    • Offense does a crossover and takes a layup
    • Extra defender on the lay-up
drawing Shooting drill middle
Players are lined up in 2 rows.
  • First player in the corner has no ball and starts with a feint-cut to the wing.
  • Then he runs backdoor and receives the pass from the player on the wing.
  • The latter makes the same feint to the top.
  • Then he also cuts backdoor and receives the pass from the corner.
drawing Backdoor drill