Basketball drills for warming-up

  1. Walk slowly to the other side x 3
  2. Stop and shot
  3. Jump two feet then walk, etc.
  4. Jump 1 foot, left then right
  5. Machine gun
  6. Spurt
  • players are lined up in the 4 corners of a half court.
  • the ball is with 1
  • he passes to 2
  • after his pass he runs diagonally across the field and gets the ball back
  • then he passes to 3
  • 2 runs diagonally and gets the ball from 3
  • then 2 passes to 4
  • 3 runs to goal and gets the ball from 4 and passes to 4
  • then 4 takes the rebound and continues the loop
  • dribble ring
  • different direction changes
  • Finish at choice
  • Ball up pass to bed.
  • the down man runs in and passes to the middle man.
  • The middle man passes to the first passer
  • who runs in for a lay up.
  • Everyone has a ball
  • Right back left
  • Cross over : Accelerate after the cross
  • pass through the legs to the other hand
  • sideways
  • sprint
  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec sit ups
  • 30se squats
  • 30 sec push up and turn arm up
  • 30 sec high knee running in place
  • 30 sec lunges
  • 30 sec plank
  • Row A, half number of players.
    • Left side ashes half.
  • Pawn at three-point line on left side of field.
  • Spindribble right, coming out on top of bucket set or jumpshot.
  • Finish with jump stop, around your man (pawn), right hand without board from in front of the basket.
  • Row B, half number of players.
    • Right side of the field.
  • 1st pawn cross dribble left/right, 2nd pawn reverse dribble, 3rd pawn 2x through legs.
  1. Wave from mid-court. (Tempo)
  2. Free-throws 2x2 p.p. After 2 shots. Slides from back-court to mid. Sprint back. (Tempo)
  3. Shooting drill bucket. 2 rows under the basket. One with ball. Get ball from passer just outside bucket. Shooter rebounds own shot. Change rows. Pass-shot-rebound in quick order.
  4. If we run two line lay-ups. Always with an outlet. Tempo!

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