Handball drills for all skills


  • Each player has a ball, puts it on the ground between his legs, except player 1
  • Player 1 plays the ball to nr 2,
    • runs behind
    • gets the ball back and passes it to 3 etc.
  • At the end player 1 joins the 3.
  • Player 2 starts running when player 1 is at the 3rd player.
  • Left wing plays the ball with a bounce to the corner
  • The corner plays the ball back to the left wing
  • The left wing puts pressure on the defence and the corner comes behind and gets the ball
  • The corner passes the ball to the right construction and waits a little bit
  • The corner starts in towards the circle between 3 and 2 and receives the ball from the right-wing construction and rounds on goal


Children divide into groups of four, one of which is the attacking point


- Children per foursome one ball
- Children stand in the width of the hall facing each other, distance about 4 meters
Command Throwing and Catching:
a. Attacking team plays the ball with bounce between the lines. Front players try to catch the ball.
b. Point of play plays the ball between the lines. Front players try to catch the ball.

. Combination of a. and b.
Point of attack may choose whether to play the ball directly or with the bounce.

. Rules
- When you have caught the ball, play the ball back to the attacking point and join the line up.
- Change attacking point regularly.

-oefening-gooien-en-vangen.webp 103 KB
In this exercise we improve our footwork while pressing and in the completion.

On the LO there are 3 pawns at the point to the back. The 2 front pawns stand at the 9 meter mark. One touch point stand past the right pawn in the middle.

  • Players pass to the attacking point and run without the ball towards the left pawn, in the forward movement they get the ball, in the backward movement they play it back.
  • Players walk back to the back pawn and pass again, this time to the front right pawn.
  • Repeat this 2x, at the last time at the right pawn the players finish.
On the RO there is the following lineup:

handbal-oefening-Voetenwerk-in-de-afronding.webp 12.54 KB

Players throw to a point of contact on the left side of the exercise and turn on the right side next to the posts. Run half round back to back, get the ball and complete by jumping over the hurdle.
  1. Dribble around 4 hats (past the goal)
  2. 3 Rolls with the ball on the mat
  3. Jump with 2 feet over 3 double hats
  4. Dribble over the 9 meter line to the side goal, pass the ball to the trainer, catch it again and shoot at pawns in the goal.
  • Three rows are set up at about 13 meters from the goal, at the build-up positions.
  • The first player of a row always walks up to the 11 meter and plays over to the closest builder (in front of the row), and connects again behind.
  • Pay attention to continuous movement, active, forward-moving catching.


  • 2 goalkeepers.
  • Players line up behind a back line to the left and right of the goal.
  • The first of a row plays the ball to the goalkeeper, and runs parallel to a player from the other row.
  • The goalkeeper throws to one of the two and the duo plays the ball to the opposite circle and tries to score.

  • Variation: add 1 opponent in the middle.
  • The builders must try to get in front of that player and in her line, so as to make interception impossible.
  • 2 teams with 2 mats each
  • The team with the ball tries to make a touchdown on the opponent's mats, the other team defends and tries to intercept the ball.
  • After a point, the other team gets the ball. Good physical defense, but no aggression!
  • Ordinary handball rules apply.


After the 2nd phase the attack often falters. We now practice what to do to keep up the pace.

  • When the circle on the left is at 2, the LH comes up and makes a switch with the LO.
  • The pressure is put "short" right away so MO and RO can do the same and in this way we play the RH free.

  • Option is to let the circle move with the ball to create a barrier on the right side.


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