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Handball drills

  • You put 1 player at the 1 meter, of the 9 meters, at the buildup position.
  • Put 3 pawns:
    • 1 pawn on the center 2 meters from the 9 meters.
    • 2 pawns left and right on the 9 meter line, 3 meters from the middle pawn.

  • Player starts in to the right pawn with ball, plays off to the builder.
  • Runs backwards around the middle pawn and receives the ball between the 2 pawns.
  • Plays the ball back, comes around the middle pawn, gets the ball back and rounds off with a jump shot high.
Everything in high tempo.

drawing Moving builder
  • Distributing players among the caps
  • 3 caps means a minimum of 4 players
  • Passing and chasing the ball
  • Variant with bounce
drawing Playing ball around in motion
  • 1 defender on the circle
  • Builders on the left and right between the pawns. Between the other pawns also stands 1 player who becomes defender.

  • Builder plays the ball to the defender, gets the ball back and goes left -other side right- at speed and rounds with a jump shot.
  • The defenders try to block.
  • When you have shot, you become defender.
drawing Rounding up builders
  • Group split into the left corners next to the 2 goals.
  • All players have a ball.
  • The front player in the line gets to roll her ball away and chooses position on the 9 meter and starts to function as the point of play.
  • The front player of the line plays the point of play, paces towards the center line, gets the ball back just before the center line.
  • Catches the ball with 2 hands, makes 3 passes and then starts to tip.
  • See drawing for correct running direction.
drawing Break out
2 defenders stand on the circle.
2 attackers on the left and right structures.

  • After signal the defenders sprint to the goal posts, tap them and sprint back.
  • At the same time the builders go backwards around the pawn.
  • Then they start the attack, creating a 2-on-2 situation.
Possibly expand with a circle player.
drawing 2 vs. 2 with sprints
  • Left on the center line plays the ball to the incoming left corner
  • Left corner plays the ball to the left center line who has now run to the 9 meter line.
  • Left center line plays the ball backwards to the incoming left corner player.
  • Left corner player plays the ball to the right build-up player who has started in.
  • Right build-up player rounds on goal within 6 seconds.
drawing Starting up and replaying
3 attackers and 2 defenders:
  • 3 blue attacking players in a row.
  • 2 red defenders defending a given set area.
  • Finishing on goal.
drawing Attacking game 3 attackers 2 defenders
  • 1 defender on the build-up position
  • 1 attacker on the build-up position
  • 1 center builder

  • Builder throws ball to the middle builder, middle builder puts pressure to the middle and plays the ball to the builder coming in at speed
  • Builder keeps 1 to 1.5 meters distance from the defender
  • Steps with left, body moves with him, then to the right past the defender fires with left and finishes.
- This must be done at speed.
- Other feints are also allowed as long as they are quick and convincing.

drawing zig zag feint
  • You put 1 or more players on the left or right corner.
  • Construction - and middle player.
  • The ball starts at the corner who puts pressure between 1 and 2.
  • Passes the ball to the builder who also puts pressure and plays to the middle.
  • Ball comes back from the middle to the builder who plays the ball to the starting corner.
  • Corner rounds long high or low.
  • Offset and height is important here.
drawing Rounding corner
  • Across half a playing field there are a total of 12 caps in two different colors.
  • Each player starts at a cap of their choice; if a player has the ball, they play it to someone with a different color of cap.
Each correct play scores a point.
How many points can be made within a minute?

  • Ball may not return to sender
  • Extra ball in play for pace
  • Ball carrier must be/maintain movement
  • Group divide-> mutual competition
drawing Interplay in motion
  • All players in usual position - no circle
  • The remaining players are in the defense

  • The ball comes from the corner and it puts pressure between 1 and 2
  • Construction puts pressure between 2 and 3
  • Thus the ball continues to the other corner.
  • Defenders may really defend to about 8 meters.
Points of attention:
  • Left - and right builders put good pressure and go right back again at 11/ 12 meters and sideline.
  • Pass the ball at pace without being caught.
drawing Pressure playing at pace
1 defender and 1 circle at center.
1 center builder and right builder

  • Middle has the ball and plays to the right build-up player, who gets the ball back at pace.
  • Makes feint to left and passes to right.
  • Defender steps out and circle tries to barrage.
  • Circle prevents the defender from reaching the middle player.
  • Middle builder passes at speed and rounds.

Circle player runs diagonally back after the barrage and receives the ball from the middle builder with a bounce and rounds.

drawing center buildup and circle play