Handball drills for


Use soft ball
Playing vision.
  • 5 players in the field without a fixed goalie.
  • One aims for a maximum of 2 substitutions per team.
  • All players attack together.
  • When the opponent has possession of the ball, everyone returns to their own half.
  • The one who reaches the circle first can stand on goal.
  • The defense is mandatory offensively on own half.
  • Scoring is only allowed from the other side's half.
  • The goal of defending is to conquer the ball.
  • Personal coverage of a player is not allowed.

  • Coaches are game leaders, they explain rules, but do not punish.
  • Attacker gets the ball back after mistake and may try again.
  • Everyone dribbles within 9 or 6 yards.
  • There are 1 or more dribbling tappers.
  • If you are tapped, you are not free again until a ball is passed under your legs.
  • Note, are you tapped while you have no ball, special assignment! Jump over a row of hats or hurdles with 2 legs, etc.


  • Zig-zag partoon with flat markers: walk forward and backward, pay attention to light stride, especially forefoot.
  • Then dribble to:
    • Goal on side next to center line, put bench in front of it. Make jump shot.
    • Left of goal 5 pawns: dribble slalom
    • Do a head roll on the mat.
    • Then to the right, there is a pawn at 6 meters, very diagonal to the goal. Make jump shot at 2 pawns standing in the goal.
All players will be divided into groups of 3
  • All groups take place along the sideline
  • Player A sprints 2x to the other side while players B and C do a power exercise on their place
  • When player A comes back, she taps player B, who then starts sprinting Players A and C continue with the power exercise.
  • The same happens with player C
  • Every player runs 1x and does 2x the power exercise
Examples for power exercises:
  • Push-ups
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Sit-ups
  • 2 teams - 2 mats (or 2 or 3 bicycle tyres) - many balls
  • Line up 10 metres apart, with a mat on each side and balls on the mats.
  • Teams take the balls and dribble to their own side as fast as they can.
  • Who has all the balls wins. (Good luck ;-)
  • 2 teams with 2 mats each
  • The team with the ball tries to make a touchdown on the opponent's mats, the other team defends and tries to intercept the ball.
  • After a point, the other team gets the ball. Good physical defense, but no aggression!
  • Ordinary handball rules apply.


Strength Exercise
  • For example, twisting arms
  • The bear
  • The crab
  • Push-ups, 4 steps sideways, push-ups etc.
  • Wiper
  • Lunge with arm stretch and stretch sideways
  • Lunge with shoulder past knee
  • Run from back line to back line at a fast pace.
  • You make 2 pairs, number one starts running and number two counts how many times she makes it to the back line.
  • Start with 4 minutes and build up with 30 seconds or 1 minute extra.
  • Keep track of how many times each person has made it to the back line.


  • Open swing (arms from left to right, leg moves with you), swinging ever so slightly further
  • Arms swing and dribble (front and back and opposite)
  • Monsterwalks - sit low 10 paces in front, 10 paces in back
  • Crabwalks (same but sideways) watch out for knees
  • Duckwalks (even lower) 5 paces
  • Dribble and to number 4 (1 leg on knee and alternate)
  • Hhigh knees, 10 steps

  • Lunge (1 leg back) and rotate upper body - alternate
  • Lunge - hip forward, arms extended upward - then hang diagonally forward - then hammy rock (hamstrings, toes up)

  • Windshield wiper - sitting, legs spread, always move 1 knee in, 1 knee out
  • Then turn on one side and hold
  • 1 leg behind, 1 leg in front, first crouched, bend to knee
    • then stretch and bend again and grab foot
    • Then in this position turn arm in and out

  • Planking, forwards and sideways with extension
  • 123 in T shape (front left right back / front right left back)

  • Squat jumps (short)
  • Jumps - 123 high (with 2 legs and with 1 leg - also land on 1)

  • Pogo squat or squat left/right (snap down)
  • Push-up 4 times side
  • Square - front - back side - front - back side, etc.


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