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Handball drills for technique defense

  • 1 goalkeeper
  • 1 defender
  • 1 row of attackers

  • 1 attacker receives the ball from the trainer/handler on the way to the defender
  • The defender fends off and the attacker passes to the trainer
  • The attacker breaks free, receives the ball again and tries to finish
Useful for both goalkeepers and players.
  • 2 posts at approximately 6 meters
  • Left and right of each post 1 player
  • 5th player stands in the middle
  • Players at the posts play over with bounce, the center player tries to stop or touch the ball
  • All balls at the center line.
  • Make 2-pairs.
  • On the sides of the center line at the edge of the field there will be 2 Pylons, in the middle near the balls there will also be a pylon.
  • You calmly roll/bounce the ball to the goal side. Throw the ball in such a way that the players can still catch it!
  • After you have thrown or rolled the ball, the players on the sides of the field must first slide across the center line toward you. From the post in the middle they may only start running towards the ball.

  • If you score, your team has a point; the first to 10 points wins!
  • If 1 person is left, have the person catch the balls and always pass them to you.
drawing Slide and throw
  • The attackers must move from one side of the field to the other to reach the pawns.
  • The trainer throws the ball into the field.
  • One of the two players has the ball and goes to attack, while the other goes to defend.
drawing 1 vs.
Explanation quick middle-out:
  • Only 1 player with ball needs to be on the center line, the goalkeeper can already blow the whistle.
  • 2 teams, 2 goalkeepers in 1 goal area, so 2 stations.
  • 2 defenders - 2 attackers.
Version 1: quick middle-out
  • Keeper gets shot at goal, how does the defending side then get the ball to the center line as fast as possible with the foot, before the opposing team has run across the center line.
Version 2: ball possession
  • Goalkeeper gets grab ball. How does the defending side get the ball across the center line as quickly as possible while the opposing team is allowed to defend?
  • Points of attention:
    • Goalkeeper may run with ball in circle, and outside circle as field player -do not run with ball out of circle.
    • Connectability field players.
  • 4 attackers passing to free-standing attacker
  • Defenders try to tap player with ball or intercept ball
  • Attackers give pass in movement to free-standing attacker
drawing Pass giving and intercepting
  • Place 2 pylons in the middle of the field.
  • Put 2 blue defenders in them.

  • Let the rest of the team try to get across between the pylons.
  • The "red attackers" may only make 1 attempt to get past them.
  • Try to make it clear to the defenders that they have a better chance if they work together.
drawing Defending together in game form
  • Make pairs of 2 of approximately the same strength/weight
  • Place your hand on each other's shoulders and/or upper arm
  • After the whistle, try to push your opponent over a predetermined line
  • The one who gets the opponent over the line first wins
  • After a few times you switch opponents
  • 2 teams are lined up facing each other on 1 half
  • Coach bounces the ball and players run forward and back to their positions
  • The attackers get the ball
  • The defending team can intercept and score by putting the ball in the hoop near the center line
  • Limited space at the circle.
  • 1 v 1.
  • Try to get past the defender, moving quickly and turning away. Possibly pass and feint movement.
  • Explain what is and is not allowed in terms of defense.
    • Hands against shoulders. Not from the side.
    • Do not hold arms.
    • Do not obstruct a broken player.
In F use a small goal.
  • 1 against 1
  • Both run 1 time from cone to cone
  • The attacker is played the ball by the trainer
  • The attacker tries to pass the defender in the square and score on goal
  • The defender tries to stop the attacker correctly
drawing 1 vs.
  • Blue throws the ball to the goalie and runs to the pylon.
  • Keeper catches the ball and throws a break out on the running blue player.
  • Blue takes the ball, runs around the pylon and tries to finish from the 9 meters.
  • Optionally, a defender can be put around the 9 to defend.
drawing Breakout