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Handball drills for

  1. All players at the 6 meter with 1 ball each.
  2. All shoot until everyone has been:
  • At the goalie.
  • High. Changing corners.
  • Low. Corners change.
  • Half. The goalkeeper moves forward and back again.
Remember the goalie arc.
  • Large thick mat.
  • 1 player lies on the mat and tries to intercept balls directly or indirectly.
  • Always kneeling or lying position.
  • 2 duos are facing each other, in between is parallel a line marked with 2 poles.
  • There stands a 5th player who tries to intercept the balls, which are passed with bounce.
Good exercise for goalkeepers.
drawing Intercept the ball with bounce
2 players 1 at 6, other at about 11 meters

  • Attacker runs towards defender, makes throwing motion, but is repelled.
  • Attacker runs backwards, and tries to dribble past and finish.
  • Defender tries to intercept the ball.
Can be done on at least 8 stations.
  • 4 pawns, for 2 starting spots and corner shot / side shot.
  • 2 starting points, in corner and in front, left or right.
  • 1st station: In the corner, bounce or throw the ball on the ground, then turn and make a long jump shot - let the goalkeeper run out.
  • 2nd station from sideline, throw ball on and jump shot
On the other side in mirror image to practice other angle.

  • 1 goalkeeper, 2 defenders, 2 attackers on the circle (with vests) at 2 hats about 4 meters apart.
  • Attacker plays ball to trainer.
    • Who passes back.
    • After which the attacker must try to play a circle player.
    • The player tries to score.
  • Defenders must intercept ball.
  • On 2 sides of the field.
  • 2 teams, 1 without a goalie.
  • Attacking team sets up near the line on its own half.
  • Defending team in front of the circle.
  • As soon as the offensive team crosses the line the defensive team goes on the attack.
  • Each intercepted ball is a point.
  • A goal is also a point :-)
  • Make sure the defenders do not stay glued to the circle, but play 1 on 1.
  • Lay down: 2 markers for the null pass, 3 markers for left right left - and that 2 times
  • At the circle stand 2 (still passive) defenders.
  • Attacker approaches them, throws the ball, defender throws it back so that the attacker can make a null pass, and execute the passing move: null pass - left, pass step to right, left to circle and shot.
  • 1 station further, the movement is executed counterclockwise, with overpass and possible turn, or full turn.
  • Pay attention to 'light feet'.
We play this to practice the previous exercises at high speed and in competition form.

  • 3-vs-3 without circle. Point of attention in attack: lots of movement, don't hang on your spot. Point of attention in coverage: who steps out when.
  • 3-vs-4 with circle. Cover is undermanned and tries to break the attack by taking the speed out of it.
  • 4-vs-4. The coverage is now complete with a circle in their back. Again, focus on who has the circle at what time and when they should step out.
  • 5-vs-5. Same as before only now first LH and then RH are involved.
  1. Steady walking pace
  2. Dribble sideways, arms at defensive level
  3. Tiptoe walk, arms extended upwards
  4. In the ladder dribble pass
  5. From the circle, walk to the pylon and jump up, backwards
  6. Sprint to the start
drawing The round of endurance and defense
  • Players roll the ball
    • Go after it
    • Pick up the ball and dribble on
  • Players roll the ball
    • Go after it
    • Run around the ball
    • While facing the same way
    • Then they pick up the ball and dribble on
  • In pairs
    • Trainer stands between the two
    • Throws the ball away
    • Players run after it
    • Player who has the ball first becomes attacker, other defender
    • Does the striker succeed in shooting at the goal?
  • With pairs

  • A ball is laid on a pawn
  • One player stands with his back to the pawn (defender), hands on his back.
  • Other player tries to tap the ball off the pawn. Defender tries to prevent this.

  • Don't tap the ball but pick it up
  • Defender can use hands to stop attacker