Hockey drills for all skills

  • The children run through the room in pairs.
  • One child tries to follow the other.
  • Variation
  • The child at the front has to suddenly change tempo.
  • The child in front must always change direction sharply.
  • Groups of four or five children.
  • Groups of four or five children and when the signal is given, the one in the back sprints to the front and then leads the rest.
  • There are all kinds of obstacles in the field, such as mats, hoops and pilons.
  • The trainer leads the way along these obstacles, the children follow him.
  • Variation
    • The children run in pairs along these obstacles.
    • They run  backwards.
    • They run while taking sideways steps.


  • A game is not only fun, you also learn a lot from them.

Set up

  • Very simple: 2 goals, some vests and some balls. 
  • Surely no more explanation is required? 
  • This kind of game isn't really for training something specific (e.g. playing outside with a box in the middle), but just to have fun.
  • If a team goes loses way too easy, you can enter the rule that they have to pass 3 times before they can score. 
  • Or you can make that team's goal smaller.


  • 2 teams
  • 5 players per team
  • 3 goals per team
  • 2 yellow independent goals in the centre of the pitch

  • Game: team blue against team red. 
  • Team red scores at one of the 3 blue pilons and team blue scores at one of the 3 red pilons. 
  • When the ball goes through one of the two yellow goals, the goals turn around. 
  • Team blue scores at the blue pilons and team red scores at the red pilons. 
  • When the ball goes through one of the yellow goals again, it turns around again.


Ball possession Take a good look at which of the 6 goals there's a lot of free space

Not in ball possession Trap the player with the ball from multiple sides


  • 3 v 2 :
    • ball speed is important as is the shortest way to the goal
    • make a triangle with one player wide and one player up high to stretch the field 
    • look for the 2 v 1 
    • defenders work together and defend in zone 
  • 4 v 3 :
    • make sure where you want to play 
    • make game-like positions: Center mid, left mid, center striker and left forward 
    • ball speed 

Game with different variations:

  • with grip
  • with globe
  • with stick in weird position
  • with other balls

  • Player A runs left towards the pilon straight ahead and retrieves the ball so that the pilon is played out. 
  • Then player A passes the ball deep on to player B, who runs in.
  • Player B puts the ball back to player A
  • Player A finishes.

Then player A does the task of player B and vice versa. 

  • Player A plays the ball to Player B, who comes running into the ball.
  • Player B bounces the ball directly back and runs towards the corner edge circle with a slalom through the gates.
  • Player A runs towards the first pole to perform a tip in

Exercise is set up in the middle.Player A becomes player B and vice versa.

  • Each player takes a pilon.
  • Fields of about 10x5 are made.
  • The pilon is placed in the middle of the back lines.

The aim is to play past your opponent and dribble the ball over the pilon. IT IS NOT ALLOWED TO SHOOT FROM 10 METERS!

The winner goes one square to the right and the loser goes one square to the left. Rounds of -/+ 2 minutes