Korfball drills for passing / attack

  • Every 3 players at the basket, 2 attackers and 1 defender:
    • The goal is to get 2 free.
  • Exercise is finished when:
    • There is scored, the defender has the ball, if the ball collides.
  • Always turn in the order A - A - V.
  • If it is a 4-player game, the defender gets a rest turn before entering as attacker.
  • Work with 3 attackers against 2 defenders on 2 poles:
    • Attackers may try to score on the two posts (end when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball)
    • Attackers get max 4 passes per chance taken (end when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball, or when more passes are needed)
    • You may only take 1 chance per basket (ends when a goal is scored, when one of the defenders can intercept the ball, when more passes are needed, at 2 misses)
    • Player who misses may not attack again if the ball remains in play, so the attackers' overtime is gone.
  • The ball is played to a moving lady at about 4 meters.
  • The person passing on determines whether the ball is placed to the left or to the right of the lady.
  • The passing must be tight and at eye level of the shooter. score 10x pp
  • Next, a defender comes to stand in front of the take-off lady.
  • Now you see that, if you do not keep the ball up, it will be difficult for the receiver to see it
  • So if you hold the ball up high, she can see which way you are going to pass and can therefore react properly
  • If she does not get free, check the position of the defender, make sure you are playable and the person taking the ball steps outagain
  • Again with the defender, but now you pretend to throw.
  • For the receiver, this is the signal that she must come for the breakthrough. score 10x pp
  • Players learn not to throw a ball to the passer and then wait for the ball to be caught, but to run after it immediately.
  • The ball is thrown to the basket.
  • Immediately after throwing the ball, run after it to the basket.
  • Goal is to be past the line before the ball is caught.
  • Then get the ball back and shoot.
  • The line makes the assignment concrete.
  • Depending on the team, this may or may not be necessary.
  • Variation 1:
    • The ball starts under the basket, is outplayed and immediately thrown back.
  • Variation 2:
    • Working with an opponent.
    • This opponent does not run with the ball to the basket (because that would not work in an exercise where the breakthrough is the only option), but does ensure that the attacker has to run around something.


  • Who is the first to circle the ball or the player?


  • Everyone stands in a circle with enough space to throw a ball quickly.
  • The ball starts to the right of the child who is going to run.
  • The child who is going to run, runs at the same time as throwing the first ball on the outside of the circle.

Training on tight passing.

  • 2 players start at about 2 metres from each other You can increase/decrease the distance over time or depending on the variation you do.
  • Passes must be hard!
  • Make sure that you don't throw hard just for the sake of throwing hard, but that you throw hard to get the ball to the team-mate quickly and tightly.
  • Keep reminding them of this constantly.
  • Passes should also be tight.
  • No "piss bows". These passes are slow and easy to intercept.
  • When catching with one hand, make sure you move with the hand and if necessary step with the corresponding leg

Variation 1

  • Player 1 passes with his right hand to player 2's left hand.
  • Player 2 takes over and passes right back to player 1.
  • After one minute both players change their throwing and catching hand.
  • Repeat this at larger and larger distances.

Variant 2

  • Player 1 passes right to player 2's left hand.
  • Player 2 passes back with his left hand to the right hand of player 1.
  • After one minute both players change their throwing and catching hand.
  • Repeat this at larger and larger distances.

Variant 3 - with movement left-right

  • Player 1 has the ball.
  • Player 2 moves to the left or right.
  • Player 1 passes to outside hand of player 2.
  • Player 2 passes back with his outside hand.
  • After one minute, the players change positions. (Player 1 moves left/right. Player 2 passes to).
  • Repeat at increasing distances.

Variant 4 - deep line

  • Player 1 has the ball.
  • Player 2 moves towards player 1 from the side.
  • Player 2 puts his foot across and runs a deep line away from player 1.
  • Player 1 passes with a small arc (but still tight!) to player 2.
  • After one minute the players change function (player 1 starts running, player 2 passes to him).

  • Play 2:2, which pair scores 5 goals first. (We do this 2 times against another pair).
  • 4:4, where in a small space 10x must be played over, without the ball being intercepted or dropped.
  • If this exercise is too easy, you can play the ball within 4 seconds.
  • The most important thing in this exercise is that the players run free, complete in time and keep an overview.
  • This is an exercise in which you can increase the understanding of running free
  • Especially if you speed up the game. (which team will score first 3 times)
  • You stand on a large field.
  • You make 2 teams 1 team stands left behind the line and the other team right behind the line.
  • 1 big ball, lies in the middle of the field.
  • Each player has a ball.
  • They try to hit the ball from behind the line and roll it over the line of the opponent.
  • After throwing you pick up your own ball and stand behind your own line again, and you start aiming at the big ball again, until the ball has crossed someone's line.
  • 3 or 4 players.
  • On 8 meters opposite each other.
  • Player 1 of the pair throws the ball to the other side and runs after it.
    • Throw over and run after it.
    • Player gets the ball back.
    • Player swings out of the way and gets the ball back underhand. (all with 1 hand).
    • Player makes half circle jump and plays ball back; player runs to the other side.
    • Player gets ball from number 2 from behind and plays ball to the other side.
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