Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Trainer stands in a corner of the field and has some balls.
  • The 5 players are standing behind the back line and 2 of them run in as soon as the trainer bounces the ball hard.
  • Trainer bounces the ball in the field and one of the 2 players starts to play the ball OH.
  • The other player runs in and plays the ball BH again to player 1.
  • This player catches the ball, hands it to trainer and walks outside the field to join the back of the line.

In this way you think about safety and you can continue at a high speed.
This exercise can also be adapted to the person who catches more easily or more difficult.

Depending on how it goes, bounce easier or harder.

1 sv stands on sv place in the field with the trainer and the other sv stands rv on the field with the rest of the players.

Accent is set up, block on outside and play smart.

If big team does a good attack then they get a point. If the ball falls on the ground or doesn't come over the net the other two players get two points. When BH is over the net each player gets 1 point. Coach throws the ball over the net 6 times (so you can get 12 points). After that change positions.

Coach plays high ball in the back.defending-the-ball-and-building-the-attack

Pass to SV

Set up

Attack: only from position 2

Trainer plays on or gets a new ball and plays to 2 (SV)

SV sets up

Block set up

Defending behind (from the smart ball from 1)


Warm up together, someone will be designated to count:

  1. 12x run
  2. 3x sideways
  3. 3x cross pass
  4. 1x knee lift
  5. 1x buttocks tap

Back line to the net and back is 1x

After running there is 5 minutes room to stretch

  • 2 teams of 4 with a net in between. In both teams 1 sv. The rest is divided in the back of the field.
  • Trainer introduces ball and 3 players defend ball and pass to sv.
  • If ball is played by la, then set up at mid or back, etc. Always in principle 2 attackers
  • Attack blocked by sv and try to defend ball and build attack.
  • When ball hits ground I play another ball in. After a while play to other team. Possibly exchange players.
  • Gets a point if you score an attack without touching. Otherwise, point for other team.

Goal of the exercise:

Increase speed and agility.

Explanation of the exercise:

Teams stand behind a pawn. Player 1 runs to the next pawn, goes around it and runs back. Player 2 can start when player 1 is back. The team that finishes first wins. Different forms: sprint, frog jump, tide, knee lift, hopscotch, wheelbarrow, sprint with ball, overhead play and underarm play.

XL Challenge:

Place a balloon on centerline. At the sign of the trainer you have to sprint to the balloon and then dive and blow very hard. After being tapped the next player can blow away the balloon. The player who is first to blow the balloon over the backline wins.

Duration of the exercise:

10-15 minutes.

Over rope ladder, shuffling pawns

Around pawns, bouncing with ball.

Sprint to the hoop with the ball, bounce to the pawn, jump rope 5 times, to the opponent's hoop and back to the group.

Bring the ball between the legs to the other side.


Jumping buck. First one starts as a buck, second one over it, also in buck etc.

Three people on the back line with their backs to the net. When the coach calls yes, they have to run and play the ball in threes.


Thick mat against the net, you hit the mat and then you have to pass the ball