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Volleyball drills

Two persons face to face in a lying position. They push themselves up and give each other a hand slap (see photo)


  • 3 lines a few meters apart.
  • Each line has a name (apple pear or banana).
  • The children start on a line.
  • Trainer calls out a fruit and the children must run to that line as fast as they can.
  • 2 teams stand in a large circle,
  • in the middle there are balls (1 less than the number of pairs)
  • Person A goes on the back of Person B
  • When the trainer says yes, A jumps off his back and runs around the circle.
  • In the meantime B has put his legs wide so that A can pass between them.
  • A goes between the legs of B and picks up a ball as fast as possible.
  • Etc. until there is a winner.


  • 2 equally sized groups on opposite sides of the net in a row,
  • pass the ball and try to make a point, each person has 3 lives.
  • superball:
    • On one side of the net superballs(speaks for themselves).

2 players stand about 3 metres apart and play the ball to each other.

Variant with 3 players

  • Same exercise, but one player stands between
  • the other two and acts as distributor.
  • Defense always goes to the player in the middle who then sets up the other player.
  • This player passes the ball back to the other player who passes to the playmaker, and so on...
  • After a while the middle (defender) player is changed.
  • 2 players each side of the net.
  • Player throws the ball over the net.
  • is passed to the distributor and
  • then set-up and
  • then quietly over the net.
  • Other side passes it back to the distributor and so on.
  • Extend this to a complete 3-meter attack.
  • 6 players stand on position in the field.
  • The rest on the other side. Save and occasionally bring in a fast ball by trainer.
  • After 5 times turn around.
  • or let the team save by themselves.
  • ladder (different variants)
  • under the net, trainer throws the ball, player passes it to the net
  • player puts ball back in box, taps wall and rejoins row at ladder


  • You divide your players into 2 pairs.
  • Per pair 1 ball
  • One of the pair is standing at the net to make a block.
  • The other player stands on the opposite side of the net with a ball. The player stands on the three-metre line and throws the ball just over the net.
  • The player at the net making the block tries to block the ball.
  • 10 balls and then switch tasks.


2 teams. 2 playing fields.

Setup zone and passing zone.

  • Ball must be passed into the second zone.
  • Ball is passed into the setup zone.
  • Setup is done behind the 3 meter line (ball is hit standing up over the net).
  • Setup player walks over the line of action
  • Pass player goes to setup zone.
  • New passer can only enter the field when old setup has passed the backline.


  • Player serves ball.
  • Passing to setter
  • Setup gives ball back
  • Defense to setup
  • setup for attack
  • Down ball or free ball is called
  • Defence to setup
  • quick pass to attacker

extension with block board

This exercise is for the pass and playmaker.

  • 1 must save
  • 3 passers
  • 1 playmaker

The game proceeds as follows:

  • service
  • Ball is passed to the distributor. Distributor must play the ball into the basket.
  • Players turn except for distributor.