Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Goal
  • Training 3-meter offense and defense.
  • Handling hard balls by the defense.
  • The exercise
  • There are two teams facing each other.
  • The teams are balanced in numbers as much as possible.
  • The trainer introduces the first ball so that a back player can immediately (with pressure) execute a 3-meter attack, after that the rally is free.
  • The team that wins the rally then receives the first ball from the trainer.
  • If there are 8 players or less, only attacks from behind the 3-meter, with more players it can be chosen to place players at the net or to make it a King's Court exercise. (The losing side rotates out of the court; all attacks then continue to come from behind the 3-meter).
  • The attack takes place on the position [2] at the net and [1] and [6] over the 3-meter.
  • The libero always comes from position [5] to take over the Sv. (for instance because the playmaker in the rally took care of the pass) and to take care of the set-up.
  • The 'pass' is introduced by the trainer at the height of the 3-meter at position [5].
  • If the libero stays outside the 3-meter he may provide the set-up overhand, otherwise only underhand.
  • This activity promotes:
    • Cooperation
    • Communication
    • Dealing with disappointments
    • Fun
  • Working method
    • Make a circle of your players of maximal 12 players.
    • If you are doing this with a large selection you could split the first team and second team or make a circle of men next to a circle of women. 
    • Give the following instruction:
      • Hold out your hand to someone across the way and hold it tightly. 
      • Then give someone else your other hand.
      • This creates the team knot. 
      • Make sure you get out of the knot without letting go of the hands.
  • Variation
    • Nobody can say anything. 
    • Everyone can say something.
    • One person can say something.
  • You can, after the group is out of the knot, have the group discuss what the best tactic is and then put them back "in the team knot".

  • Evaluation
    • Watch carefully what happens, who takes the lead, who gives up quickly? 
    • How does the group solve the problem?
  • 3 persons hold 1 ball in the air and cross to the other side.
  • Then throw in and run after the ball to the opposite side.
  • Change into OH and BH play and pepper. (departure after set-up, departure after attack)
  • Eventually fixed player in the middle who moves from left to right after each action.
  • Player A serves to player B, who receives for himself and catches.
  • Player C passes to player D, D gives a pass so C can attack.
  • Player E does defense on the attack of player C and plays the ball to player F on the mat.
  • T strikes ball to libero, 2 attackers start at the net.
  • Pass, set-up and attack on position 3 or 4.
  • Blocking:
    • Outside, inside hand on ball, center joins in.
    • Centre blocks with emphasis on shielding position 1/2.
    • Then service (float) to position 1.
  • Variant:
    • Attack on positions 2 and 3 and service to position 5.
  • In 2 pairs with 2 balls, do everything 8 times.
  • Out of the neck, right, left, hit, OH, BH in 2x. (Penalty if ball on the ground)
  • Next:
    • Roll ball over from behind between the legs and stay low, keep moving sideways
    • (1 ball) Mirroring sideways with 1 ball in left and 1 ball in right hand, pick up ball from floor.

  • Organisation:
    • Serve from p1 on 2 or 3 players. (p1, p6)
    • Sv on p2/3.
    • Attacker on P4B opposite block P2A.
    • Libero on P5A and defender on P6B.
  • Execution:
    • Process service pass into attack on 4.
    • If score, serve again. (max 2x)
    • If defended, pass to OH and attack again.
  • Running:
    • Passer becomes attacker, attacker becomes block, then defender, then server.
    • Server goes to backup passer.
  • Organization:
    • Divide the group over the 2 fields.
    • 2 players on pos 2 with 1 ball, 1 on 4, 1 on 5 and 1 on 1
  • Execution:
    Ball is played from p2 BH to 4.
    On p4 the ball is hit technically to p1.
    This one defends the ball on 3m p3 and at that moment the player on p5 comes to play the ball BH to p2.
    And it starts all over again.
  • Running: from p2 to p4 to p5 to p1 and again to p2
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