Volleyball drills for all skills

  • there is an arrangement of 6 in the field
  • the others stand on the other side
  • Player 1 serves and the rally is played out. After the service player 2 throws a rally ball into the game.
  • after every service + rally ball (2 balls in total) a spot is rotated. when we are round we change players.
  • 3 people at the net. (left, centre, right)
  • 2 3 people at the back.
  • On the other side 1 playmaker
  • The rest is going to attack.
  • Tim plays the balls.
  • They attack the middle.
  • The center on the other side of the block.
  • The front left and right get behind the block to defend.
  • The people in the back also defend on their position.
  • After 2 minutes the players change.
  • 3 passers in the field
  • playmaker on the right front
  • middle and outside attacker
  • 3 servers
  • 2 blockers
  • It's all about the pass.
  • You may not be able to attack the ball.
  • The exercise is about passing the ball.
  • After 15 balls you can change positions.
  • 4 cones in the corners, 1 central base to which the player always returns.
  • The player moves to one of the cones and plays the ball back OH, the intention is to recover the ball well.
  • Short and quick ball changes.

start with tennis balls

  • mark 2 zones on the field in the backfield
  • take steps from the 3 meter line and throw the tennis ball with attack technique.
  • exercise can be made more difficult with volleyball
    • try to own throw + stroke
    • pass + stroke

Part 1:

  • At the position where the attacker would normally pass the ball over, a basket is placed.
  • by means of a high key the ball is played into the basket
  • make it more difficult by adding an extra pass BH or OH

Part 2:

  • instead of the basket the attacker makes the move but does not hit!
  • catching the ball overhead with the striking hand behind the ball

Part 3:

  • pass and strike

Divide the group into 2 teams

  • Each player in the team gets a number, to determine the order.
  • All players stand behind the back line.
  • The game starts with a high underhand service, or the trainer starts the rally.
  • The ball must bounce once before being returned.
  • The players relieve each other in order.
  • The first times the ball must be played high in order to master the game.
  • When you have mastered the game, you can play freely and make it difficult for the other team.

Explaining the wrist movement of the smash.

  • Play the ball up high with a relaxed wrist, give topspin and turn under the ball.
  • Play the ball overhand with one hand, try to give the ball topspin.
  • Relaxed wrist.
  • Smash the ball to the ground, with a relaxed wrist, trying to hit the ball as high as possible.

Teams stay on two halves.

  • One group will smash from the box section.
  • Remember the technique.
  • Elbow back, body turn.
  • Every three balls, switch.
  • Other team defends the smash, until a defensive pass to the SV.
  • Three of you, others clear the balls.
  • When the ball is on his, to the other can lie, change sides of the game.