Volleyball drills for all skills

  • with 3 teams, or else 2 teams:
  • throw the ball over, 1 to 2, 2 to 3, 3 to 2, 2 to 1. After 5 turns, 1 position.
  • Throw pass. 1 throw to 2, 2 pass to 3, 3 throw to 2, 2 pass to 1. After 5 turn overs 1 position
  • smash, pass variant
  • smash, pass, smash, pass
  • throw, pass, BH, pass, etc.

  • 2 3-players in the field, each their own half.
  • Trainer starts with smash.
  • Team of 3 handles ball and plays out rally.
  • Against the other team.
  • After 10 points, 3 teams rotate.

  • Split the group into pairs.
  • The pairs will work through a number of stations, where different tasks have to be performed.
  • Station 1: A slalom through several poles, with an underhand pass at the end of the slalom.
  • Move as fast as possible between the poles.
  • Station 2: One player lies down on the backline, while the other stands at the net with the ball.
  • Player at the net hits the ball.
  • Player in the backfield then stands up, and defends a hit ball at 7 meters, or a prik ball at the 3 meter.
  • Station 3: Player stands in front of a trampoline, behind player 1 stands a second player with 2 tennis balls.
  • One tennis ball is thrown into the trampoline, player 1 catches it before it hits the ground.
  • The second tennisball is thrown quickly after it.
  • Station 4: Simple, good block jumps, paying attention to the technique.
  • Station 5: Reflex training: player stands with arms outstretched, a ball in each hand.
  • Player 2 faces the other player, and reacts to the release of one of the balls.
  • Do not make the distance between players too great to begin with.
  • Each station has a working time of 1 minute.
  • 1 player with ball at the net, 2 without ball on the 3 meter line.
  • Nets player plays ball BH halfway the field and no.1 shuffles backwards and plays back BH.
  • Then no.2. etc.
  • Change 3 times after that
  • 1 player at the net and 2 on the backline.
  • The net player passes to the net player on the 3 metre line. no.1 comes running and passes to the net player and then no.2.
  • 1 catcher at the net each side
  • 2 passers either side
  • 2 or 3 server both ends
  • Per group (server-passer-catcher) take turns serving.
  • Pass to SV/catcher Ball to OTHER server.
  • player 1 at the net midfield
  • number; players at mid-back with the ball
  • row of players on the left (or right) side in front
  • 2 corpses as disturbance/block on other side of the net
  • 2 players as defence at the other side of the net

  • player with ball throws to midfield
  • midfield puts up HIGH
  • left front attacks
  • if hitting fails: play smart over the net
  • if ball lands on the ground in the field you have a point
  • Defenders try to prevent this.
  • Everyone keeps on turning.
    • Tackle becomes playmaker
    • Defender joins the row of attackers
    • Attacker passes under the net and becomes 1st defender.
    • 2nd defender takes ball, passes under net and joins row of attackers

  • Divide the group in two with numbers 1 and 2.
  • The two groups stand at the back line each group has a ball on the other side of the field is a pawn.
  • The first person of the group walks with the ball and throws it over the net. `Takes the ball and goes around the cone and back again throwing it over the net and so the next player can start walking,
  • A serves to B, C and D.
  • B, C and D play the ball in 3x over net.
  • The coach serves to the 3 passers in the backfield.
  • They pass the ball to the receiver (A).
  • The passer becomes receiver, receiver puts the ball back in the box and joins the waiting line (B).