Volleyball drills for all skills


  • Two one ball
  • Overlap
    • one time for yourself and
    • then pass

Line up: several rows in a row behind the back line.


  1. Sloth: sit with your back to the other side, legs extended. Pull with your hands to the other side.
  2. Seal: flat on belly --> pull forward with hands to get to the other side.
  3. Spiderman: on all fours, always moving the opposite hand and foot together: LH + RV & RH + LV
  4. Bearwalk: on your hands and feet to the other side
  5. Monkey walk: let your hands + arms hang down, almost to the ground (like a monkey) and so to the other side.
  6. Peacock: stepping, quietly, every time bringing leg/knees up until they form a right angle with the upper body.
  7. Kangaroo: same as peacock, but faster/more like skipping.


  1. Instead of doing it as a relay/race, the players can also walk around and on a certain signal perform the movement that belongs to a certain animal.
  2. You can do the exercises on a whole field or on half a field.


Formation: circle/rectangle (on half a field)


  1. Dribble with right hand
  2. Dribble with left hand
  3. Alternate dribbling
  4. While dribbling, try to kneel down (knee by knee) --> sitting --> lying down

In pairs throwing the ball over in combination with body balance.

  • Stand on 1 leg (solo exercise)
    • Throwing with 2 hands
    • Throwing with 1 hand

=> after each throw of the ball tap the ground (= bend forward + arms stretched = so tap the ground) + every 5 balls change legs per exercise

  • Now throw the ball over with 2
    • With 2 hands: pass from the neck via a bounce to the other
    • With 1 hand: throw hard & tight.
    • With other hand: throw hard & tight.

=> After action: each person has 2 jars + 1 tennis ball. When they have thrown the ball to the opponent, he/she moves the tennis ball from one pot to the other.

Per 2, each has a letter A or B. We walk through each other and on the signal A goes B tapping or vice versa, the trainer decides.

Walking Variations:

  • Walk backwards
  • Move sideways
  • Cross pass
  • Hopping
  • Heels against seat
  • Knees up
  • ...

Tap variations:

  • Crawling through the legs
  • Hare over
  • Walk around the person
  • Tapping the heels
  • Performing a clap game/routine

Setup: Each player has a ball.

Everyone walks through each other, bouncing a ball, and carries out the following tasks.

Signals + command

  • On 1: bounce the ball to the right.
  • At 2: bounce the ball to the left
  • At 3: ba with both hands on collision
    • Follow your way with the other hand.
  • Pick up the ball with 1 or 2 hands after bounce
  • Leave your own ball behind after bounce as quickly as possible to intercept another ball

More leaning towards keys:

  • After dribbling ball catch own ball above head, then throw ball into air again without letting ball drop under eyes.
  • Same as before, hold for 1 second
  • Same as first, shorten contact
  • Idem, but first catch the ball, then touch it away
  • Ditto, but with double key


Game Form 1B:


  • The serve: the ball is thrown into play with both hands.
  • Catching the ball with both hands above the head.
  • Throwing the ball in front of himself (without dropping below the level of the eyes) and then overplaying it with an overhand touch.


  • 2 feet out of the field, where the player wants: left - right - back
  • Variation: touch a cone each time the ball crosses the net.


  • Throw the ball back where you caught it (do not run with the ball in your hands).
  • Do not hold the ball in your hands for more than 2 seconds.
  • Standing still when the ball is caught (and perhaps aiming).

Form 1C:


  • Picking the ball out of the air with one hand, making one collision and a second collision through a basketball dribble with one hand, high enough to play overhead. (One or two control keys may be used to play).
  • Picking should be done as high as possible.


  • 2 feet out of the court, where the player wants (left - right - back)
  • Variant: move one of the two tennis balls placed on the 2 cones (at the back of the field).
  • Everyone lines up in a plank position.
  • The first person in the row
    • rolls the ball under the others,
    • goes to the other end of the line,
    • rolls the ball back and joins them in plank position.
  • The new first person takes the ball and does the same.
  • In this way the different groups have to cover a certain distance as quickly as possible.


Formation: 2 balls per 4 players



  • Player A (bowling motion) rolls the ball to player B (the ball must pass between the 2 cones!!).
  • Player B picks up the ball, bounces it 2 times and then plays it in a bow to player C.
  • Player C holds a hoop and puts the hoop down at the spot where the ball is going to collide. The ball is caught after 1 collision. Player C grabs the ball and joins player D at the back.
  • Everyone follows their ball = moves up one place.


  • Player A throws the ball under the net to player B.
  • Player B catches the ball, bounces once high, does a control key and then bounces to player C.
  • Player C catches the ball low to the ground in the correct reception position and runs to D to join the back of the line.
  • Everyone follows their ball = moves up one spot.


  • Player A throws the ball (bowling motion!) over the net to player B.
  • Player B plucks the ball out of the air, bounces 3 times (must turn around during those 3 bounces to face player C) and then tips the ball to player C.
  • Player C does reception for himself and joins player D.
  • Everyone follows their ball = moves up one spot.


  • Player A calmly strikes the ball underhand over the net to player B.
  • Player B plucks the ball out of the air, does 1 control bounce, then does control keys until fully turned facing player C and then plays the ball player C.
  • Player C does reception for himself, catches the ball and joins player D.
  • Everyone follows their ball = moves up one spot.


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