Volleyball drills for attack / smash / spike / hitting

  • 2 pairs on both sides of the net with 1 ball
  • The ball is played back and forth in threes;
  • The back player passes, the front player sets, the back player comes in and plays the ball easily over the net.
  • The players at the other side do the same
  • Front and back players rotate every time the ball is played over the net.
  • After that, a simple attacking stroke and possibly a hard attacking stroke can be added.
  • 2 players leave the net,
    • Someone else throws in a free ball, it is built up and attacked
    • Team who threw the ball defends
  • Reception, other player walks in and attacks reception player, reception player attacks, play on
    • reception, other player runs in, buttons reception player, reception player plays high back and other player attacks, pass
  • Create zones in the field
  • Storage player calls street or slide
    • In case of short serve: deep serve.
    • On a deep serve: short
  • Free match

Goal: improve condition in combination with attack/block/defense

T throws a total of three balls to SV.

  • T throws ball to SV.
  • SV gives a set-up pos 4 , where A attacks. Immediately after the attack T throws a ball, A defends ball back to C.
  • After defense T, throws ball 2 to SV. SV 2é pace to A --> attack, C throws ball --> A defended back.
  • T throws 3e ball to SV. Sv set-up to pos. 2, A attack on pos. 2, after attack Ball defend.

On the other side of the net.

  • B same as A.
  • B tries to block A's attack.
  • After each block, defend ball from T2.

Goal attacking after physical and mental strain.

  • T1, T2 & T3 throw at high speed a ball each for A1, A2 and A3 respectively.
  • A1 pos. 4 --> attacking towards goal, after attacking around the cone and again attacking towards the mat.
  • A2 pos. 2 idem
  • A3 pos. 3 idem

Other players take care of ball safety. After 5 attacks change.

  • A and A1 play their ball to SV1 and SV2 at the same time.
  • SV high ball.
  • SV1 & 2 exchange places + pas s to the corner, where A & A1 attack.
  • SV, Block on attack from A & A1.

Intention is to load the playmakers. Pass to position 4.

  • Service at position 1
  • Pass on position 5/6 to playmaker
  • Playmaker returns to the sideline
  • Passer passes to the playmaker.
  • Set-up to the outside, attack to position 5
  • After service the server goes to defend

During home practice with 3 people, change after 10 services

During regular practice continuously rotate, and play on both left and right side of the field.


Arrangement of material:

  • Cupboard with all the cones on it.

Game flow:

  1. The players stand at a certain distance from the cabinet, and throw/strike at the cones.
    They try to throw off as many as possible in one go.


  • This can be done 1 by 1, but you can also have all the kids together knock the cones off.
  • Can also be part of an exercise (reward).


Arrangement of the material:

  • Cabinet with a basket on top and a large air ball in it.
  • The children stand along the other side of the net.

Course of play:

  1. The trainer stands at the net with a ball just on the net (height depends on the size of the player)
  2. The player hits the ball out of the trainer's hand, aiming for the big air ball.

Making it easier = throwing.


set up of equipment:

  • Goal in the middle of the field, with someone in it
  • Other players on the other side of the net.

Course of play:

  1. The players throw/strike the ball towards the goal and try to score in the goal.
  2. The player in the goal (blue) tries to keep the balls out of the goal.

Set the net as low as possible.