Volleyball drills for block / net defense


Goal : block displacement + reaction speed

  • A blocks at the net. (Start pos. 4/2)
  • After each block, A defends the ball from B, then from C --> D.

Extension : Someone can also throw in a ball from the other side of the net. A blocks the ball and then defends B's ball.


Goal: improve condition in combination with attack/block/defense

T throws a total of three balls to SV.

  • T throws ball to SV.
  • SV gives a set-up pos 4 , where A attacks. Immediately after the attack T throws a ball, A defends ball back to C.
  • After defense T, throws ball 2 to SV. SV 2é pace to A --> attack, C throws ball --> A defended back.
  • T throws 3e ball to SV. Sv set-up to pos. 2, A attack on pos. 2, after attack Ball defend.

On the other side of the net.

  • B same as A.
  • B tries to block A's attack.
  • After each block, defend ball from T2.


  • A and A1 play their ball to SV1 and SV2 at the same time.
  • SV high ball.
  • SV1 & 2 exchange places + pas s to the corner, where A & A1 attack.
  • SV, Block on attack from A & A1.

Intention is to load the playmakers. Pass to position 4.

  • Attacking three positions.
  • Other side of the net, three blockers.
  • Coach throws ball to libero.
  • After attack: block position three.
  • The one who blocked on position two or four: get ball and attack.
  • Position three takes over that spot.

Side a: formationSide
b: someone position 6 - position 5 and position 1

: Side a gets every ball against and tries to score from this situation

  • First ball: serve side b
  • Second ball: freeball coming from side b (side b builds up and tries to pass "difficult" freeball)
  • Third ball: attack position 6
  • Third ball: attack position 1

  • Side a is not allowed to place the ball in the 3m line at side b, everything behind the 3.
  • But side b is allowed to attack in the 3m line.
  • Let's see how easy it goes.

  • 3 blockers
  • playmaker,
  • 3 attackers.
  • 1 passer
  • Trainer stands at the side of the block and throws balls at the passer.
  • The passer plays the ball to the SV.
  • SV has a choice of 3 attackers.




  • Block position 2
  • Block position 3
  • 2 with ball at position 6


  • 2 with ball at pole position 2
  • Player on position 3
  • Player at position 5
  • Attack position 4


  • Ball is passed to position 5
  • Position 5 brings reception - Position 3 makes pass
  • Attacker attacks in the street #compulsory
    • Matt at position 1
  • Block tries to block ball
    • Positions 3 & 5 in coverage
  • IF BAL IS BLOCKED = pos 3 & 5 have cover ball
    • Cover ball - pass - attack

  • Meanwhile position 6
    • Throw it yourself - attack behind 3 meter line position 6
    • Attack towards position 1 #REQUIRED
  • Turn over:
    • Attacker becomes block position 4
    • Block position 4 becomes block position 3
    • Block position 3 becomes reserve at position 6 (behind 3 attack)
    • The one who attacked behind 3 meter line, comes to play ball

Everyone ball and distribute along two sides of the net.
Gather at the right post

  • Block move with a small step: during the block balls tap each other
    • After the first move, switch sides
  • Block move with one big step: during the block balls tap each other
  • Move the block with two small steps in a row: during the block, balls tap each other.
  • Block displacement with two big steps: during the block balls tap each other
  • Block displacement with first small step and then big step: during the block balls tap each other
  • Block displacement with exit: during the block balls tap each other

Place 2 benches at the net - 3 persons with ball on the bench - 3 persons at the pole at the net

  • 3x 3 times blocks with displacement (then change)



Blocker must look at the attacker

- C gives setup over the net to attacker 1 
- Blocker 2 should look at the attacker when he has to block.
- 3 , 4 and 5 defend
- 1 gets his own ball and 6 is the next attacker.
- after 5 changes

Variation: 2 block


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