Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

  • Ball route:
    • Player 1 serves to player 3.
    • 3 passes the ball on 2/3 to player 4.
    • Player 4 gives set-up.
    • Player 3 comes for the attack.
    • He hits straight ahead or diagonally.
    • Agree on beforehand.
    • Server (player 1) defends this ball.
  • Walking route:
    • After player 1 serves, player 2 serves.
    • Player 3 and 4 exchange tasks.
    • When one side has served twice (player 1 and 2).
    • Player 3 and 4 start serving.
    • Player 1 and 2 attack and defend.
  • Serve target:
    • Player 1 serves 3 good balls to the 2 passers (player 2 and player 3).
    • 2 and 3 pass the ball to player 4.
    • The ball that is caught is rolled to the server.
  • When there have been 3 passes, the system is continued:
    • Player 1 starts passing.
    • Player 2 continues to pass.
    • Player 3 is going to catch.
    • Player 4 is going to serve.
  • A player is at work. (player 4)
  • The other 3 players are lined up in different corners of the field. (see drawing)
  • They make sure that the player can defend balls.
  • Every time a player is down, it is the next player's turn.
  • The exercise is carried out on one half of the field.
  • Player 1 smashes into player 4, player 2 gives a short ball, player 3 smashes.
  • After 3 balls we rotate one place:
    • Player 4 to position player 2.
    • Player 2 to position player 1.
    • Player 1 to position player 3.
    • Player 3 to position player 1.
  • 2 thick mats by the net.
  • Line-up of 6.
  • On the other side the other. team A (6) defends from the starting position.
  • Team B is going to play balls over the net. which must be defended by team A.
  • Only taps are allowed.
  • Balls may also be attacked from behind the 3 meter line.
  • Ordinary attack.
  • Team A turns one spot after 3 balls on the ground.
  • Trainer strikes ball at pos 1,6.
  • Players bring the pass --> SV --> AV.
  • Other side defends ball and completes rally
  • Space through on both sides

First phase, per 2:

  • Pitcher has 2 tennis balls,
    • Which he takes turns throwing into a zone where the receiver is standing,
    • Short distance
    • Receiver catches with 1 hand each time

  • Same with volleyballs
    • Receiver doesn't catch anymore, but plays back underhand.

  • Storage-Reception exercise
  • Targeted serve to position 5-6
  • Set-up to position 4, followed by attack (street) and drop ball.
  • Reception players and setter move to cover and defend the ball high, centrally in the 3-meter zone.
  • Best to provide spare balls to keep the pace high!

Arrangement of equipment:

  • The trainer stands with a large ball ready in his hands.
  • The players all hold a regular volleyball.

Course of play:

  1. The players throw their ball to the trainer.
  2. The trainer lets the ball bounce on his big air ball.
  3. The ball will bounce to different sides, the children try to catch the ball.

In pairs

  • Someone at the net (player A),
  • Someone on the backline (player B)
  • After each task with the ball, the players get a strength/physical exercise, alone or in pairs.
  • (This happens when the players have also switched between themselves).
  • After this, the players on the back line move on. This way you always have a different warming-up partner.
  • Player B lies on her stomach on the back line, player A hits the ball, at this moment player B jumps up and tips player A, player B tries to defend the ball.
  • After 10 hit balls, change.
    • Legs crossed and 15 sit-ups

  • Player B lies on her stomach on the back line, player A hits the ball, at this moment player B jumps straight attacks player A, player B tries to defend the ball.
  • After 10 lucky balls, change.
    • 10 blocks against each other's hands.

  • Player A attacks to player B, player B defends and player A attacks again.
  • After a certain time, change.
    • Belly on 3m, straight, attack, belly 3m. 6x

  • Player A chooses, short ball, far ball, attack, ... Player B defends everything, after a certain time change.
    • Sprints around the field
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