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Volleyball drills

  • On one side of the net, a pair stands at the 3-meter mark
  • Field A on 2 and 3 and on field B on 3 and 4
  • Distribute the remaining players on the side
  • Start on field A at P2 on 3 meter line with 1 ball
  • Start throwing diagonally to P3
  • After throwing tap own 7 meter-line and connect with P3
  • P3 plays to P3 and P3 to P4
  • Then pass to OH or BH
  • If possible move to the back line
Extra: with more players also use the other net positions
drawing Warm-up: throwing - line running

  • throw up 2 hands
  • throw over 1 hand left and right alternately
  • throw over with bounce
  • smash with bounce
  • smash with bounce, do not catch but play OH once
  • OH pass, pay attention to position
  • OH pass, touch ground, stay low
  • one player throws on, other plays OH back, after playing touch pawn and return low
  • One player touches hard
  • OH overplay after player plays the ball, touch pawn, return low
Game flow:
  • 1 row of pots where exercises are done around/over
  • Players do the exercises in pairs and keep looking at each other.
  • Fast forward - backward movement between the pots: 2 forward, 1 backward.
  • Lateral left-right movement: 2 forward, 1 backward.
Players follow each other in quick succession:
  • slalom sideways displacement
  • slalom around alternating left and right
  • Knee lift left leg over pots / right leg
  • Jumping push off with both feet together over pots with intermediate jump
  • Jumping both feet together over pots without intermediate jump
After the pots continue walking to the end of the field and return along the sideline.
drawing Warming up foot displacement
Per 2 or 3 players.
  • Player at the net with ball on a mat, this is the zone to be played to.
  • 2 players in the backfield. Take turns playing the ball back to the net player.
  • After contact by the back player, the 3 meter line is touched with quick movement.
  • Overhand/underhand contact only.
  • No more catching the ball.
drawing Warm up and ball control
2 working groups:

Group 1 with trainer:
  • Make 2 Trios.
  • 1st trio goes behind 7 meter line on belly.
  • Trainer with ball carrier in corner of field.
  • Trainer claps on ball and immediately plays down field.
  • First ball must be played in 3 meter zone, non-reception player catches ball in pass position
  • other players stand on attacking home the moment ball is caught and call for pass.
Group 2
  • 3 players with ball at the net.
  • Others go to work, starting in corner of field
  • Get short ball first, far ball and back a short ball.
drawing Defense - attack home
1 player works, 4 pass balls.
  • Worker starts at the net in block position.
  • Block over net as start signal of exercise.
  • Worker makes 1st 3rd time move & ball is passed in from position 4.
  • Worker goes to retrieve short ball from position 1.
  • Worker taps player in position 2 and brings ball back that is thrown into the court.
  • Worker retrieves short ball from the ground from position 5.
drawing Condition and displacement
  • Players start opposite each other at the net with 1 ball.
  • Ball is thrown under the net during a lateral move. Staying low is important.
  • Blue player leaves towards the back line.
    • jumping exercise on the bench
    • Sprint between the 2 cones
    • Back towards the net through speed ladder
  • Red player departs diagonally to the back line
    • Dive to the corner of the field
    • Hopping step with high knees from cone to cone
    • Side plank movement across mat
    • Ball waiting for players under the net and continue around the court
  • Both players reconnect on the other side of the field and start another round.
3 - 5 rotations.
drawing overhand + V
  • Serve from position 1 diagonally to position 1.
  • There is a passer who passes to a playmaker, if he catches the ball within 2 steps you get 1 point.
  • Faulty service is point off.
  • Which team reaches the 15 first, if this takes too long you can lower it.
  • In this exercise taking turns serving is recommended.

  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, catcher becomes server. rotate on own side.
  • If possible reserve server, then reserve passers.
drawing Targeted serving
  • On one side are a playmaker and a passer on the front left or right.
  • On the other side of the net stands someone who hits, this person calmly hits the ball toward the passer.
  • The passer passes to the playmaker.
  • The playmaker gives a set up on the passer who has passed.
  • The attacker/passer retrieves his own ball and becomes a thrower.
  • The thrower becomes passer.
drawing Impact with pass
  • Serve from position 1 to position 5.
  • There is a passer who passes to a playmaker, if he catches the ball within 2 steps, you get 1 point.
  • Faulty service is point off.
  • Which team gets to the 15 first, if this takes too long, you can reduce the number.
  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, catcher becomes server. passing on own side.
drawing Targeted serving
  • Trainer at mid forward, to throw to, but do keep space to net so player can pass behind.
  • 1 Player without ball on Setter spot = 1st catcher.
  • Player is the passer who will pass 10 good balls
  • Other players with ball next to trainer for passing and catching
  • The exercise runs best with about 5-6 players.
  • Passer is given balls successively thrown at:
    • P1, P6, P5, P4, P2 regardless of whether the ball is good => through to next position.
  • Then balls at random position, trainer determines difficulty, until there have been 5 good passes.
  • After 5th good pass => Player quickly to P6, ready on front feet.
  • Last pass comes from P6 , on a 'beaten' ball.
  • Continue until there is a 6th good pass.
Other player:
  • Always give ball to trainer and straight to setter spot to catch off.
  • Ball not good, quickly retrieve and join the line.
drawing Pack of 6 balls
  • 5 circuits for 2 players
  • Each circuit is done for 1 minute
  • Total of 10 minutes
drawing Cicrus by position