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Volleyball drills for technique warming-up

  • Spikeball is a fun game you play with a net in the middle and a small ball.
  • 2 teams of 2 players play against each other.
  • Everything is allowed in terms of technique. This is easily adapted to volleyball, where after 3x games the ball may be played into a hoop.
  • After that it is the other team's turn.
  • It is a 360 degree field, so through the hoop the ball may go in any direction.

  • Always play the game 2 against 2.
  • Vary the level of difficulty for the players. For example: catch 1x for C youth, do not smash, and so on.
drawing Spikeball lite
Play in pairs from approx. 3m line to 7m line.

Net player always plays up 1x for himself, then back again.

Back player plays back in 1x and then does for himself successively:

  • 5x Turn around on own spot.
  • 5x To the back line, tap with 1 hand and return to 7m.
  • 5x Sit on your buttocks and stand up again.
If the ball goes wrong: Start again at the last unsuccessful series of 5.

Change after 15x.

First round overhead, 2nd round underhand.

  • Two teams of up to 4 people, 1 ball.
  • On both sides 2 persons in the field, other persons behind the back line.
Goal: score in 1x in the other field, inside the lines.

  • Start with simple underhand service
  • We play underhand tennis, so in 1x over the net.
  • Difficult ball may bounce 1x, but then the ball must be returned with: one hand, one foot or the head.
If a mistake is made, the player leaves the court, goes to the back line, and a new player takes over.

drawing Tennis - Special
Tap game with 1 ticker. The rest must try to catch the stretch bands and eventually the tennis ball along two sides of the square.
  • If the ticker ticks you, you must put the stretching band back and try again.
  • The game can be made more difficult by, for example, enlarging the square or removing those who are tapped from the game.
drawing Fort Knox
  • 3 pawns in a row.
  • Groups of two players.
  • Goal is to move the ball further per pawn.

  • On pawn 1 there is a ball.
  • Player 1 brings the ball from the back line back to the base and gives it to player 2.
  • The latter then runs with ball to pawn 2 and puts the ball there and runs back to the base.
  • Player 1 then rushes to the 2nd pawn to pick up the ball there and pass it to player 2 who then takes the ball to the 3rd pawn.
  • Then back from pion 3 to pion 2, to pion 1.
drawing Concentration relay
Warm up exercise in relay form

  • Divide the players into groups of 2 or 3 players and place them on the left side of the field.
  • Give each player a tennis ball.
  • At the start sign, the 1st player of each group starts running to the other, right, side with a ball.
  • Once there, they put the ball outside the line and run back as fast as they can so that player 2 of their group can start running with his/her ball.
  • When all the balls are on the right side and the last player has returned to his/her group, it is over.
  • The first one back to his/her group wins.
Put the players in a row next to each other.
About 1 meter in front of them on the ground is a tennis ball.

  • Have them put their feet slightly apart.
  • Quickly run -dribble- in place.
At the trainer's instruction they do while dribbling:
  • Hands on knees.
  • Hands on toes.
  • Hands on shoulders.
  • Hands forward.
  • Hands in the air.
  • When the trainer calls Ball!, they grab the ball as fast as they can.

  • Repeat and throw the commands interchangeably for variety.
Warm-up exercise focusing on neat passing and moving:

  • 2 players with a ball stand about 4 meters apart.
  • Opposite them, 2 twos/threes stand without ball.
  • The players with ball play to the person opposite, this person plays the ball back cleanly and joins the other row shuffling.
  • Carry this through at a fast pace, making sure players are actively moving.
drawing Quick step
Group divide over both courts.

  • Play the ball in a maximum of 2 actions UNDERhand over the net.
  • After each net passage the team rotates one position.
  • If the ball falls on the floor or an opponent has to play the ball differently, the team that played the ball over the net scores.
  • In principle, the game does not have to stop.
  • Should this happen, the ball is brought back into play through an OH service from the backfield.
  • Who has the first 15 points?
Depending on the level, the 2nd ball out of position may be attacked from the backfield.

drawing Only by private treaty
  • Lay 2 benches on side
  • Player sits low in defense position and rolls ball to bench
  • Picks ball back up and moves left all the time
  • Player rolls the ball all the time against the bench
  • Wall tapping
  • Ladder exercises
  • Connect
drawing Warm-up exercise defense with bench
1 person in the middle plays the ball up, teammates in a circle around it must make sure the ball comes back:
  • With 1 hand touching the ball, never 2x in a row
  • In 5x back or touched 2x by everyone
  • Touching the ground with the hand after each action
Make 5 pairs: perform a task for 45 seconds each.
  • Planks;
  • Handstand, left shoulder, right shoulder, clap;
  • Attack run, dive back to 3 meter line;
  • Moving sideways between center line and 3 meter line;
  • Jump squats.