Volleyball drills for warming-up



  • jog to the first line and back. Then to the second line and back, etc.
  • low dribble, back to the lines.
  • backwards.
  • jump at the lines
  • lie down at the lines
  • lateral connecting pass
  • Cross pass
  • throw and pass the ball

Warm up from the back line to the net:

  • run
  • unscrew right arm
  • Untie the left arm
  • Untie both arms
  • raise your knee
  • heels-bottoms
  • sideways (left and right)
  • cross pass
  • dive
  • 10 times back and forth to the net
  • 5 times backwards and forwards
  • 4 times sideways (connecting pass and face one way)
  • 4 times front to back crossing (also face one way)
  • 4 times heels touching butt and backwards
  • 4 times lift the knee and return backwards
  • 4 times sitting low on the side (pass posture) face one way
  • 4 times waving arms (left and right)
  • Stretching and stretching (calves, thighs, ankles loose, hips loose, arms stretching (front to back))
  • two groups on the back line and dribbling ready; sprinting at GO of the trainer:
  • centre line
  • 3 meter line
  • pass to the net
  • sprint and dive over the baseline
  • next already dribbling ready and pass at GO
  • 10 pushups
  • 10 situps
  • 10 burpies (from stance on stomach, stand up and jump with arms in the air)
  • 10 times 5 seconds in pass position and then jump as high as possible

Run around the field

Players stand divided at the long side line of the field and start with a quiet walk around the field. One player in turn gives an assignment. This command is executed on the short side of the field. E.g. connecting pass, cross pass, knee lift, heels - buttocks, shuffle, etc.

Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, wrists loosen up


  1. hoop
  2. plank with twist - mountain climbers
  3. sit ups, knees 90 degrees, hands touching below the knee - left elbow to right knee
  4. steer with weight - weight behind head
  5. weight on belly, hips up - weight from left to right


2 players on one side, 3 players on the other side. The front one of the three starts:

  • throw from the neck high ball
  • throw from the neck tight ball
  • throw with punch from the chest high ball
  • throw with punch from the chest tight ball
  • throw with the right
  • throw with the left
  • throw with bounce
  • strike
  • overhead
  • underhand
  • one side overhand, other side underhand
  • free play to each other
  • 3x walk around the field
  • 1 minute planking
  • 10x from prone position, pulling back
  • plank in pairs, facing each other, 10x left and 10x right hand tapping

In groups of three, one ball;

  • Release
  • Strikes and make the ball "dead
  • Control test:
    • Everyone 20x ball contact
  • Single key:
    • Everyone 20x ball contact
  • Underhanded-Upperhanded:
    • Everyone 20x ball-contacts
  • Sparring

1 person either side of the field, other players behind the back line;

  • Trainer puts ball in play in field A or B.
  • Ball may only be played underarm.
  • Foul? Run around the field until the end of the game and ensure ball safety.