Volleyball drills for warming-up

  • the intention is to get 3 in a row
  • 2 teams per game
  • 9 hoops in a square (3x3)
  • each team has 3 ribbons, each team its own color
  • the first of each team runs to the hoops and puts down the ribbon
  • quickly back and touch the next one
  • the first player who has no more ribbons (they are already in the square) can move a ribbon
  • the team that has 3 in a row first, has won.

Players stand in a line across the width of the field

The trainer indicates gestures with his hands:

Up --> players forward

Down --> players to the back

Left/Right --> players go left or right

Clap hands --> burpee

Two hands up --> three blocks at the net

  • start at the back line (or choose other lines)
  • tap 1 line to the front
  • back to the starting line -> touch it
  • 2 lines forward -> touch
  • 1 line back -> touch
  • 2 lines forward -> touch
  • etc


  • There are three mats each in a corner of the field (half a hall is sufficient).
  • There are two tickers. The rest stand on one of the mats.
  • The taggers try to tag the other players.
  • The players try to run from mat to mat as often as possible. Each time they succeed in doing so, they get 1 point.
  • If a player is tagged, the counter goes to 0 and he has to knock over a pawn.
  • If 5 pawns are knocked down, the ticker is changed. This can also be done after 1-2 minutes instead of knocking over pawns.
  • Which player got the most points?


  • Instead of changing pawns after 5 pawns, you can also change the time. For example, after 1-2 minutes you can change the catchers.
  • Instead of every mat being 1 point, you can also practise counting: every mat is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 points. Of course depending on the age.
  • You can also adjust the number of tickers (more or less).

hunter's ball

  • Place hats on the corners of a field
  • 2 players are the taggers, the rest moves around the field
  • the 2 taggers must tag the other players with the ball. They are not allowed to walk with the ball
  • By throwing over the ball the taggers can kick off the other players
  • If you are tapped or outside the box you are out and you belong to the taggers.

Loosening up ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, wrists and neck

Abdominal exercises with the ball:

ball from left hip to right hip, planks 30 sec, lie down with ball and up, mountain climbers 30 sec, feet off the ground ball sideways, planks and jump with feet

lateral lunges, scorpion, hip cross over, inverted hamstring

Playing fanatically

Defend block with dive

  • 1 blocks first at the center and then at the left front
  • after block turn around and defend attack from 3 back
  • then defends (in dive) short ball from 5
  • 2 is next
  • Turn over:
    • 1 to short ball
    • 3 to blocking
    • 5 to attack

2 equal teams

1 defensive team, 1 offensive team

You play in the width of the field

Defensive team: stands behind a sideline. Each player has a pawn in front of him/her at a distance of 1 to 2 meters.

Attacking team: stands on the opposite side of the pitch. Trying to 'steal' these pawns. They do this by taking a pawn and putting it behind their line.

The defending team must try to knock off the other team. But if they cross their line, they have to tap someone, if not, that person is out.

If someone on the attacking team is tagged, he or she is also out and the pawn must be placed back.


Attacking team: steal all pawns

Defending team: kick everyone off



See picture. Take turns throwing the ball. After throwing the ball touch the back line and go back to the same spot.

Throwing good? Then all underhand. Later all above hands.


Trainer throws ball:

1. Pass â€" catch run through (B puts ball in box and joins back)

2. Pass â€" setup â€" overhand play (A plays ball 1-3 B 2, C passes ball in front of himself)

3. Same B. Only now C passes ball to position 2-3 where 1 player will be standing.


Line game

  • Trainer chooses lines and numbers them 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • everybody stands on the outside line
  • trainer calls a number and everyone runs to the line with that number
  • repeat a number of times
  • then the last one, who comes on the line is out.

Ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, wrists neck loosening


10x up, 10x teletubbie, 10x tapping feet, legs to left, 10x teletubbies, 10x legs to right, 8x pushups

scorpion, hip cross over, handwalk, inverted hamstring, lunges

Play fanatically


  • After that 3 people who throw a ball (long, short, long)
  • the other players pass the ball and move well sideways and forwards and backwards
  • Stand still while passing
  • Then the players hit the balls
  • Then hit, short, red ball