Volleyball drills for warming-up


Divide "field" in 4 boxes. Exercise can be done with 2 persons at the same time, in which every player controls someone. The ball has to be played overarm, playing the ball high, and get to the other side like this.  ;

  • Divide the field in 4 boxes, playing the ball in every box at least 3 times.
  • Every player gets 2 turns, in which the best turn counts.
  • How far are you going to get

Directions for post holders

  1. Play up at least 3x per box: otherwise you cannot proceed to the next box
  2. The turn is over, when:
    1. the ball drops on the ground
    2. the player has both feet outside the box (1 foot outside the box is allowed!).
    3. the ball is not played high enough above the head (pay close attention!)
  3. Play at least 50 cm above the head.
  4. Every new turn start in the first box.
  5. The lines are part of the box (with regard to foot fouls outside the boxes).

Divide children in pairs; 1 counter and 1 performing the exercise

  • 4 hoops are in a square. The distance between the hoops is 5 meters. In every hoop is a ball. The player starts in a corner with a ball.
  • Change as many balls as possible, in which the ball has to be put in the hoop. The player has to look the same direction the entire time. 
  • Every player has 1 turn.
  • Count the number of ball changes in 45 seconds.

Directions for the counters

  • The balls have to be put in the hoops. If the ball rolls out, the player has to go back to put the ball back in the hoop!
  • All four hoops have to be processed in order. The player is not allowed to run between 2 hoops and change the balls!





The teams on the mats have to conquer 4 cones without being tagged in x number of minutes


- Pairs on the 3 mats (to be expanded to 2 pairs)
- 2 taggers between mats and cones
- 9 cones around a field's length from the mats.

Game explanation;

The pair on the mat has conquer a mat hand in hand or otherwise connected.
The taggers are going to try to tag the pair.
If one of the pair is tagged, they have to go back to their mat and try again.
The first at the four cones has one. The team with the least cones are going to be the taggers.
Set a time limit for an x number of minutes to keep the flow in the game.

  • The players are in a line at position 1.
  • The first makes a jump service (without ball), then runs diagonally to the net (position 4).
  • Here, he/she makes a block, shuffles backwards to the 3m line, and attacks.
  • Then, he/she shuffles to the middle and does the same. 
  • Keeps shuffling to the right and does the same here.
  • Makes a dive to position 1.
  • Per 2 players, 1 ball
  • Player A has a ball.
  • Player B is at 4 meters from player A
  • Player A throws the ball to player B
  • Action during: Player A calls left or right
  • Player B is catching the ball with the hand player A is calling.
  • Idem for player B.
    • Variation: 2 or 3 balls, tennis ball, reaction ball. 


Improve condition and power + warming up


Crack the code by doing various exercises


You can play this game with each 4 exercises you can come up with.

1. Divide group in two teams which are going to do the exercises.
2. The trainer makes a 10-digit code for example (24 32 14 21 33)
3. The players will do the devised exercises in a certain order. For example: they think that the first digit is 3, so they will do exercise 3. When they have finished this exercise, they go to the trainer who tells if the digit is correct or wrong. If the digit is correct, they try to guess the next digit. If the digit is incorrect, they will have to do another exercise, for example exercise 4, to guess to correct digit.

For example
Exercise 1: 5 times pumping
Exercise 2: run the distance between the end line and the middle line three times
Exercise 3: 5 times blocking at different places/positions
Exercise 4: 1 slide dive towards the sideline, another slide dive towards the end line

The pair that cracks the code first, wins.

  • jump on one leg from the line 
  • as far as possible, keep standing still for a few seconds.
  • all the way to the net and back.
  • divide the group in two. 
  • The ball has to be passed 10x in 1 group. 
  • The other group tries to intercept the ball and then pass 10x themselves.
  • Two teams are formed. 
  • The front players of each team have a ball between their feet which does not hit the floor. 
  • By taking over the ball with the feet in turns, the ball gets to the other side. 
  • The team that gets to the other side first wins. Does the ball hit the ground? start over.
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