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In short: practicing various shooting variants in a fun competition form.

  • Organization: per group a basket and a ball, the baskets are preferably (but not necessary) arranged in a circle or rectangle.
  • The number of persons per group is less important (but all groups are about the same size).
  • The first assignment for the groups is: score 10 goals.
  • When you have completed this assignment, the person who scored the last goal runs to the trainer to pick up the next assignment.
  • Which group completed all assignments first?
  • The trainer walks around, encouraging, or correcting.
  • He has a piece of paper with him with a row of assignments on it.
  • When someone comes to pick up the next assignment, first ask which one has just been done (this can vary considerably over time) and then hand out the next assignment.
  • An example list: 10 walk-through balls, 15 penalty shots, 5 8-meter shots, 10 walk-through balls from behind the basket, 5 dodge balls next to the pole, 10 6-meter shots.
  • Everything is possible of course, a lot of momentum is gained if the number of goals to be scored is kept small.
  • 10 walk-through balls
  • 20 small oppertunities
  • 6 remote shots
  • 10 penalty throws
  • 1 backwards