basketball drill:
"Three team shots"

Suitable for the following techniques: shooting , passing , condition

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Three team shots

This exercise helps players with their conditioning and their ability to shoot a ball while running as well as when they are tired.

1. break up your team into three groups of four players each. One group is located on each baseline and one group is in the middle of the court, as shown in the picture.

2. The four players on the center line must spread out along the center line.

3. the groups of four players standing on the baselines each get a basketball. 

4. When the whistle sounds, the players in the middle run to the baseline and ask for a ball that is passed to them by a player on the baseline.

5. The player then catches the ball, shoots at the nearest basket and retrieves his own rebound.

6. The person who has passed the ball runs to the other end of the court and gets a pass from the other baseline and the rotation continues.

Learning points

  • players should be reminded to work hard in this exercise for conditioning purposes. 
  • They should also give a target for passing the ball and use appropriate footwork and shooting techniques. 
  • Make sure that the passes are clean and good


  • The type of scoring can be varied in this exercise (3-point, mid-range, lay-ups, etc.)
  • Give the players a  certain time and a goal for the number of points to be made. 
  • This can be varied depending on the ability of the team or the time you have available.