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Handball drill: f exercise basic set up defense

Suitable for the following techniques: attack defense

F exercise basic set up defense

Preparation: 2 teams face each other at the half way line, 2 players at 1m

- 1 team gets the ball.

- Team that gets the ball goes on the attack, other team on the defence, so goalkeeper quickly in goal, defenders around the circle.

- Pay attention to your place on the field, stay there, if possible, when you go on attack.

- Defend offensively, no man marking, do not stick to the circle.

Question: can you put your foot on the circle?

- Attacking according to basic attack, defenders working together.

Question: what is a block?

Showing: attackers at distance, attackers close to circle.

Shot at cone/goal. (goalie throws out).

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: