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Handball drills

  • In pairs facing each other.
  • Defend by walking toward each other and:
    • bringing hands to shoulder height
    • tapping each other in the air with the hands - jumping
    • touching each other in the air with the chest
    • stopping each other with the hand in the side
Exercise 2:
  • 3 defenders: left builder, left player, right builder.
  • 2 attackers at each position.
  • The ball leaves on the corner running in, passes to the Left builder.
  • This Left builder passes pass to Center player.
  • Defenders go out to attacker and shuffle back off to place.
  • Attackers run backwards and may not stand still.
drawing defense aspect
  • Over the benches with 2 legs
  • Backwards backwards
  • Slide from pawn to pawn
  • Backwards backwards
  • Over the mats head roll
  • Sprint to the finish line
drawing Relay
  • Divide the group into two teams
  • Team A on one side and Team B on the other side
  • At the teams try to throw on the yoga ball
  • If the yoga ball hits the bench of one team, the other team has won.
drawing Aiming for yoga ball
  • Minigoal with pawn in the middle or corners
  • Each player a ball
  • Flat markers on the ground: 0-pass - left - right - left

  • Player stands slightly in front of the markers
  • Throws ball to trainer
  • Player jumps 0-pass and catches ball -eventually at the same time
  • Then run and shoot at goal
In two formations:

  • 3 players blue form a triangle
  • In the middle stands the circle player red
  • 1 defender white

  • Goal: the 3 players try to pass to the circle player and the defender tries to prevent this from happening

  • Same formation as 4-1
  • Extra defender added
drawing Circle player addressing
  • At least 1 player stands at each pawn.
  • There is 1 ball at red.
  • Red throws to blue and walks to blue's pawn.
  • Blue throws to white and runs to white's pawn and so on.

  • Running after the ball.
  • Run the ball clockwise and players counterclockwise.
  • Crossing diagonally.
  • 2 balls.
  • With a bounce.
drawing Overplaying in square
  • Blue with black starts with and runs 3 passes with the ball
  • Throws the ball to red who comes running in
  • Red throws the ball again to the next blue player who comes running in
  • This is how the circle goes around
More difficult:
  • 1 defender in the middle
  • 2 defenders and 1 circle player
  • Blue plays to red and red plays to the circle player
  • Circle player plays to blue again
drawing Playing circle player at high pace
  • 4 pawns
  • At each pawn 1 player without ball
  • The rest run between the four pawns with ball
The players in the middle try to play to the players in the corner.

  • Corners actively ready
  • Eye contact
  • Being active in the middle (No rows)
drawing Free running and throwing/catching
  • Place 2 pylons in the middle of the field.
  • Put 2 blue defenders in them.

  • Let the rest of the team try to get across between the pylons.
  • The "red attackers" may only make 1 attempt to get past them.
  • Try to make it clear to the defenders that they have a better chance if they work together.
drawing Defending together in game form
There are players who make only 1 or 2 passes when making a jump shot. To practice to really make 3 passes, you can do this exercise:
  • Put 4 benches in a row as shown in the drawing.
  • Have them take turns on the 1st bench.
  • Then make 3 passes across the benches.
  • Take a jump shot.
drawing Forcing jump shot 3 passes
The team runs in a run around the half court.
  • Player 1 has the ball and holds the ball behind his head.
  • Player 2 tries to grab the ball and then does the same to player 3.
  • And so on.
As soon as the one behind has the ball she/he takes a sprint forward so that she/he becomes player 1 and then it starts again.

  • Player 1 has the ball and runs backwards and throws the ball with a bounce to player 2.
  • The latter turns around and throws the ball to player 3.
  • And so on.
As soon as the back has the ball he takes a sprint forward so that he becomes player 1 and then it starts again.

  • Make pairs of 2 of approximately the same strength/weight
  • Place your hand on each other's shoulders and/or upper arm
  • After the whistle, try to push your opponent over a predetermined line
  • The one who gets the opponent over the line first wins
  • After a few times you switch opponents