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Inline-skating drill: 2 is too little, 3 is too much

Suitable for the following techniques:

2 is too little, 3 is too much

  • Based on the cat and mouse game.
  • Everyone stands in pairs of 2 behind each other, placed in a circle.
  • There is further a tagger and a runner.
  • The runner must get behind a group of 2 as quickly as possible to be safe.
  • In this case, the first person of this new group of 3 becomes the ticker and runs after the other player. The roles are switched.

  • 2 pairs of tickers and runners
  • It is also allowed to sit in front of a group of 2. In this case, it is not the front person, but the back person who becomes a tagger. This keeps everyone thinking actively.
  • Not standing behind each other, but lying on top of each other.
drawing 2 is too little, 3 is too much

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels: