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Korfball drill: 500x scoring

Suitable for the following techniques: shoot

500x scoring

The goal is for each team to score 500x all together in the next 5 tasks. After each assignment there is an intermediate exercise for variety:

  • Assignment 1: Walk-through balls: score 120x
    • Intermediate task 1: match between3 posts of 5 minutes.
  • Assignment 2: Front basket shots from movement: score 80x
    • IntermediateAssignment 2: Take 2 minutes of walk-through balls with your group. What is the largest number you score in a row?
  • Assignment 3: Short chances with intermediate pass: score 120x . So play in and get back.
    • Intermediate assignment 3: which group scores the most goals from 6 meters in 3 minutes.
  • Assignment 4: Penalty throws: 100
    • Intermediate Assignment 4:
      • At each post there is one fixed shooter with a fixed rebounder.
      • In each round the shooters, within the time limit, must score one goal.
      • If a goal is scored, the ball is held.
      • If no goal is scored, within the time, the shooter is out of the game.
      • Games are played in the following rounds:
        Round 1: 10 seconds.
        Round 2: 5 seconds.
        Round 3: 3 seconds or 1 chance.
      • No shooter is changed until all rounds have been played.
      • Do all players miss in a round? Then the round will be played again!
  • Assignment 5: Shots back basket from movement: 80. Rotate posts 180° if necessary.

Characteristics of the drill

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