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Korfball drill: rebound practice

Suitable for the following techniques: rebound

Rebound practice

3 per basket
  • 1 shooter and 2 rebounders behind or to the side of the basket at 3 or 4 meters depending on level
  • Of the 2 rebounders, 1 is attacker, 1 is defender: the one closest to the basket is the defender
  • Shooter in front of the basket calls "yes", at that moment both rebounders may move towards the basket to take the correct position.
  • 5 rounds, then switch positions.
Points of attention:
Pay attention to lining up attacker/defender in rebound, properly blocking out opponent

  • The one with the most rebounds starts shooting.
  • Shooter goes to intercept and may pass to offensive rebounder for short chance if shot is wrong
drawing Rebound practice

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: