soccer drill:
"4 v 4 with a small ball"

Suitable for the following techniques: attack , defense

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4 v 4 with a small ball


Field setup:

2 big goals


This can be in 4 against 4 or 3 against 3 setup. Both teams play with a small ball and have to overpass given the size of the field. Because of the small field and the small ball, they are forced to take the ball well and pass cleanly.

Game rules/tips:

  • Scoring can be done in 2 ways: if the ball is kicked over the line, 1 point is deducted from the score and if the ball is scored in the goal, 1 point is added to the score.
  • If the ball is scored or kicked over the line, the ball must be given to the other team.
  • It is not allowed to score from one's own half.