Soccer drill: follow the ball - football warming-up/intensity

Suitable for the following techniques: condition, warming-up, 1-5-meter

Follow the ball - football warming-up/intensity

  • The players line up in a circle, 
  • Ideal is 6 to 8 players per circle. 
  • Per circle you only have one ball.


  • A player plays the ball to another player, chasing the ball towards the player he is playing. 
  • The second player receives the ball and plays it back to another player in the circle, 
  • He, too, will chase the ball towards the player he has just played in. 
  • This keeps repeating itself.


  • Passes must be clear and accurate.
  • The passes are played over the ground, keep the ball low!
  • Just after the pass the players accelerate (short sprint)
  • Players call the name of the player they want to play in
  • All players constantly stand on their toes, not on flat feet, to improve the speed of action.


  • You can make the game more difficult by hitting once.
  • You can play with two balls
  • Player 1, who has given the pass, should try to tap the player who has played the pass (player 2) before playing the ball to player 3, etc.

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Not applicable
Suitable for the following levels:
O6 jeugd
O7 jeugd
O8 jeugd
O9 jeugd
O10 jeugd
O11 jeugd
O12 jeugd
O13 jeugd
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