soccer drill:
"Football line passing - warming-up"

Suitable for the following techniques: condition , warming-up

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Football line passing - warming-up

Set up your team in 2 lines (4-5 per line max) - only 1 ball needed.


  • Players take the ball and then play it to the first person in the line opposite to them. Immediately after the pass they draw a sprint and close the back of the line they just played in. This is repeated over and over again.


  • Players are all on their toes ready for the pass.
  • Passes are clear and accurate.
  • Players must shout if they want the ball to play, and also shout the name to whom they are passing again.
  • With the first ball contact they bring the ball under control, the second ball contact is the pass to the other player.


  • Apply only one pass.
  • Let one line pick up the ball and throw it back to the other line. They will then play the ball back with a volleypass and then simply join the other line.
  • Let players take the ball with their thigh and bring it under control after which they pass the ball back over the ground.
  • Place a pawn 5 meters on either side of the central point between the 2 lines. After the pass, the players have to walk around the pawn after which they connect in the row.