soccer drill:
"Handling the ball faster"

Suitable for the following techniques: dribbling , passing

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Handling the ball faster



There will be played 8 against 4.

6:3, 7:3, 7:4, 9:4 or 9:5 is also possible.

With more or less players the dimensions have to be adjusted.

The 8 may score after 5 passes.

The 4 may always try to score.

If the ball is intercepted by the 4, if the ball goes out or after scoring, there must be counted again.

After, in total, 5 goals or after 10 minutes, teams are switched

To make it easier or more difficult, the number of replaying can be changed.

Points of attention:

Use the left and right foot.

If possible keep the ball low

Assuming the right foot.

Correct ball speed.

Direct play.