Soccer drill: how to build a better shape?

Suitable for the following techniques: condition, 1-5-meter

How to build a better shape?

Do you want to get in better shape? You can, but it takes a few things.

  • What do you need?
    • Pawns 
    • Football 
    • Clothes you can sport in  
    • Staircase 
  • First of all, it is important that you make sure you warm up before you start working on your cardio!
  • What should you do?
    • Run 2 pawns forward 1 to the back and repeat this every time. 
      • Do that 2x
    • Grab the ball and run 5 rounds with the ball. 
      • This will ensure ball control and as well as do something about your condition.
    • You can also do exercises indoors for your fitness, like running up and down the stairs 5 times. 
  • Of course you can also give your own twist to how you want to do it, but I think this is the best and nicest way to improve it. 
  • Don't try to run fast on the first day without stopping and take small steps!

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
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Suitable for the following levels:
O6 jeugd
O7 jeugd
O8 jeugd
O9 jeugd
O10 jeugd
O11 jeugd
O12 jeugd
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