soccer drill:
"Passing in squares, running free, calling names/coaching exercises"

Suitable for the following techniques: condition , warming-up

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Passing in squares, running free, calling names/coaching exercises

  • Split your team into four teams of four
  • 1 ball per team


  • Players play the ball around within their team of four in the area that was put out


  • Players are constantly moving, with many tempo changes to find space.
  • Each team must try to maintain a diamond shape
  • Players must all communicate with teammates, the ball must be asked for and the player's name must be called by the person who is playing the ball.
  • Passes should arrive well, in space or in the feet.
  • Players should not touch each other, nor should the balls touch each other.
  • This exercise requires great vigilance on the part of the players.


  • Add a passive defender who can defend any ball.
  • Add a defender who can conquer the ball.