soccer drill:
"Putting the opponent under pressure"

Suitable for the following techniques: defense

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Putting the opponent under pressure

  • All players jog in over the field (square)
  • Half the number of players has a ball
  • players with ball pass the ball to a player without ball (eye contact).
  • The players are not allowed to keep the ball with them for longer than 5 sec.

  • At the moment the trainer whistles (signal), all players without a ball sprint as fast as possible to the closest player who has a ball and try to take it away.
  • The player who has the ball should try to fence it off. (1:1 duel)
  • When the trainer blows the whistle again we switch back to jogging and passing!

Nice variant is when you have an odd number of players, the player who can't find a direct opponent gets a command (for example sprint over the width of the field).