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Volleyball drill: reception exercise

Suitable for the following techniques: defense condition

Reception exercise

  • Practice on quick movement and stationary play.
  • 5 declarers red and 1 blue working player.
Starting position:
  • 5 people with ball
  • 1 player on both sides of the field at the back
  • 1 player on 2
  • 1 player on 3
  • 1 player on 4
  • Working player next to position 4 in block position
  • Working player does block and comes out like free blocker and defends technical attack from position 2
  • Ball is thrown in from position 3 to deep on 1. Working player does quick move to take out deep ball.
  • Short ball is played deep at position 5.
  • Attack from position 4. The working player does displacement to 3 meter line and defends.
  • Short deep ball at position 1.
  • 3 times intensively.
  • After this move on until every player has had their turn.
drawing Reception exercise

Characteristics of the drill

Necessary materials:
Suitable for the following levels: