Basketball drills for all skills

  • A runs to middle and close out
  • B step slide to angle to base line
  • C runs to middle
  • D step slide to other sideline
  • Take E ball and dribble until cone
  • F finishing with lay up
  • G escape dribble
  • H walk ball above head and put it in the basket
  • I runs to end line
  • The 1st player dribbles through the cones to the baseline. 
  • Put the ball down on the baseline and do 4 step slide between baseline and midline.
  • Takes the ball back and dribbles to the cones and changes direction and scores lay up, 
  • After the rebound, print 5 times, 
  • Starting 2 player on baseline
  • Spurts to the cone and do step slide to next cone
  • The first player to take the ball does speed dribble to the other side to score. 
  • The other player becomes defender


  • Basket insight into positional play, knowledge of feint movements


  • learn to move in attack and fill the free spot


  • 5 spots
  • 1 player / spot (U10 4 players, U12 5 players)
    • Position 1 passes to position 2, 
    • Feint and cut through towards the basket. 
    • Meanwhile position 3 takes the place of position 1 and position 5 takes the place of position 3. 
    • Cutting player takes place of position 5 (= spot released). 
    • Perform automatically 5 passes and then score via lay-up or jump-shot.

Teaching Points

  • Good chest/bounce pass, 
  • Quick cut with feint (angular), 
  • Open spot fill up, 
  • Get ball = in shooting position watch basket first before passing.


Set up 3x3. Ball in the middle, no dribbles. 

  • Player with ball must pivot and protect ball. 
  • Players without ball must run free, 
  • Defenders splitvision to intercept the ball
  • Pay attention to a good fit

Number of exercises for novice archers:

  • One hand behind the back, ball on hand above head and stretch out (pay attention to followthrough, backspin), catching the ball with the same hand again
  • Shoot against the wall (again with 1 hand)
  • Shooting against the board (e.g. 5 times with 1 hand)
  • Distribute over the baskets, take as many shots as possible


2 rows, 1 ball per team

  • Player scores, rebound own ball, and passes to next player in line
  • Player who has scored runs to the other baseline to pick up a pilon and brings it back to the group
  • Group with the most pilons at the end wins

All players have one ball and are in a row. The front player indicates the pace and may dribble along the lines through the room 

  • Trainer indicates if they should dribble left/right, trainer tries to take away ball 
  • Forward/reverse if necessary 
  • Don't look at the ball 
  • Requirements
    • Be able to dribble and stop in 1 time when receiving a pass
  • Aim
    • 1 time stop (jump stop), jump shot with attention to technique of the shot and finish against the board
  • Organisation
    • 1 passer in position 2, 
    • players dribble zigzag up to midline and then dribble to 1 position 
    • pass to 2
    • cutting inside until next to the ring, 
    • Receive the pass of 2
    • jump stop and finish with jumpshot.
      • Changing = finisher becomes passer, passer takes rebound and connects to baseline. Next player departs when predecessor has finished.
  • Teachingpoints
    • correct stop in 1 time, 
    • finish via shot from shooting-pocket to the board