Basketball drills for all skills

  • Set-up. Two equal lines.
  • The first player in each line DOES NOT have a basketball.
  • The Activity - begins with the first player in line making a "V-Cut" at the baseline and pops back out to about 12 feet away from the basket and calls for the ball by showing ten fingers to player #2.
  • Player #2 passes the ball to player #1.
  • Player #1 shoots and gets his own rebound.
  • Player #1 then goes to the back of the line giving his ball to #4.
  • Since player#2 gave his ball to player #1, he now makes a V-cut to the baseline and the activity repeats itself.
  • Coaching Points- Catch and square up to the basket.
  • Passing - 50 Passes
  • Set-up - Two equal teams out on the court.
  • The Object - To make a total of 50 passes.
  • Does not have to be consecutive.
  • The Game - teams play keep away by passing the ball back and forth to team mates.
  • No dribbling is allowed.
  • First team to make a total of 50 passes wins.
  • Set-up.
  • Two lines facing the basket.
  • One line is the Layup line, the other line is the rebounding line.
  • First two players in the playup line have a basketball.
  • The drill - First player in line with a ball dribbles the ball to shoot a lay-up.
  • Shooter joins rebounding line.
  • Rebounder joins shooting line.
  • Coaching point- Aim ball and push it in small square on the back board.
  • Set-up.
  • Have players line up on the baseline and assign the players numbers.
  • The Drill - the coach rolls or tosses a ball to the center of half court and calls out a number.
  • In this case, #4.
  • The two players assigned #4 attack the basketball, the player the wins the ball first is on offense and tries to score on the basket by the coach.
  • Players are allowed one shot.
  • Variations - Call two numbers.


Full court shooting and running. Condition and shooting

  • Four or more players are in a circle
  • One or two defenders are in the middle
  • The players wil pass to each other and the middle defenders try to catch the ball
  • Players in the circle cannot pass to the person directly next to him (because otherwise the ball will not go through the middle)
  • If the ball is catched, he will change place with the person who threw the ball
  • Repeat ten times
  • Any pass is legit
  • Two lines, 
    • one a meter behind mid-court, 
    • other behind circle on defense side.
  • Two balls in middle
  • Two hard dribbles, jump stop, pass for layup.
  • 4 things you can do after passing:
    • Ball-screen.
    • Screen away.
    • Cut to the basket (example: give and go, or back-cut). Back cut if the defender is denying the pass.
    • V-cut and pop back outside for the return pass and outside shot.
  • Rules without the ball:
    • If you have an under-play (defender sagging off), pop out to spread the defense.
    • If you have an overplay (being denied), backcut.
    • Someone dribbling at you, backcut (except for the weave plays).
    • Fill the open spot when a teammate cuts inside.
    • When someone dribble-penetrates, relocate.
    • Screen away, and pop out.
    • The most important rule is to keep moving.


3 players, 2 balls

  • 2 shoot, 1 goes out, rebound, and pass
  • Same, but now go to your strength, and shoot
  • Same but now go to your cross


  • Call names, call for ball => don't pass if they don't call your name
  • Be ready! Tripple threat
  • Step into the shot
  • Game speed, over exagerate
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