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Handball drills for technique ball control

  • Running around.
  • Playing ball to each other.
  • In high tempo.
  • Every 5th ball goes through the player in the middle.
drawing Running in circles
  • Groups of 3 players
  • Start at the level of 1 circle as shown in the diagram.
Goal: cross the field by playing together.
  • Play to each other as smoothly as possible while keeping the field wide .
  • The players walk back along the field.
When the interplay is going satisfactorily, some defenders join the field and try to block the ball away from the attackers.

drawing Together to the other side
  • You put 1 player at the 1 meter, of the 9 meters, at the buildup position.
  • Put 3 pawns:
    • 1 pawn on the center 2 meters from the 9 meters.
    • 2 pawns left and right on the 9 meter line, 3 meters from the middle pawn.

  • Player starts in to the right pawn with ball, plays off to the builder.
  • Runs backwards around the middle pawn and receives the ball between the 2 pawns.
  • Plays the ball back, comes around the middle pawn, gets the ball back and rounds off with a jump shot high.
Everything in high tempo.

drawing Moving builder
  • Distributing players among the caps
  • 3 caps means a minimum of 4 players
  • Passing and chasing the ball
  • Variant with bounce
drawing Playing ball around in motion
  • 1 defender on the circle
  • Builders on the left and right between the pawns. Between the other pawns also stands 1 player who becomes defender.

  • Builder plays the ball to the defender, gets the ball back and goes left -other side right- at speed and rounds with a jump shot.
  • The defenders try to block.
  • When you have shot, you become defender.
drawing Rounding up builders
3 attackers and 2 defenders:
  • 3 blue attacking players in a row.
  • 2 red defenders defending a given set area.
  • Finishing on goal.
drawing Attacking game 3 attackers 2 defenders
  • All players in usual position - no circle
  • The remaining players are in the defense

  • The ball comes from the corner and it puts pressure between 1 and 2
  • Construction puts pressure between 2 and 3
  • Thus the ball continues to the other corner.
  • Defenders may really defend to about 8 meters.
Points of attention:
  • Left - and right builders put good pressure and go right back again at 11/ 12 meters and sideline.
  • Pass the ball at pace without being caught.
drawing Pressure playing at pace
  • Corners cut after pass.
  • Circle comes out, gets ball and goes back.
  • Move to goal without ball!
drawing Passing as a warm-up in attack
Ball moves from left to right and back again as the group moves on 1 line to the other side of the field.

Additional extension of this exercise:
  • Trainer names a player.
  • Player calls left or right player by name and switches positions. Fellow player crosses behind.
  • Both with and without ball.
The players learn in this way to coach each other, to see each other and not only to pay attention to the ball. Can be used as warming up as well as coaching training.
drawing Warming up Passing
Two teams of maximum 4 people, 1 ball.
On both sides 2 people in the court, other people behind the back line.

score in 1x in the other court (inside the lines).

Start with simple underhand service
We play underhand tennis, so in 1x over the net.
Difficult ball may bounce 1x, but then the ball must be returned with : 1 hand, a foot, or the head.

Mistake made => out of the court, to the back line, new player takes over.

  • The attackers must move from one side of the field to the other to reach the pawns.
  • The trainer throws the ball into the field.
  • One of the two players has the ball and goes to attack, while the other goes to defend.
drawing 1 vs.
  • Minigoal with pawn in the middle or corners
  • Each player a ball
  • Flat markers on the ground: 0-pass - left - right - left

  • Player stands slightly in front of the markers
  • Throws ball to trainer
  • Player jumps 0-pass and catches ball -eventually at the same time
  • Then run and shoot at goal