Handball drills for

  • Passes across full width hall.
  • Whoever is first to throw 3 passes perfectly on center of chest wins.
Taking aim at targets in the goal.
  • jump shot
  • running shot
  • sling shot
  • hip shot
  • 2 players facing each other, with tennis ball.
  • Hold upper arm and overplay ball with forearm/wrist.
  • Pass over with hip throw.
  • Trainer stands center front at 7 meters.
  • Player throws on ball from 11/ 12 meters, runs up, catches ball and shoots under arms trainer, with side shot.
  • Note low body position.
  • Make 2-pairs.
  • Player A performs running exercises, player B performs strength exercises.
  • When player A is back from run, switch by hand tapping.
Strength circuit. Each exercise 3x:
  1. Squads.
  2. Jumping Jacks.
  3. Lunges.
  4. Planking.
  5. Bences.
  6. Up and down legs bench.
  7. Standing on 1 leg, hopping, 3 seconds and then the other leg.
Running circuit:
  1. 3 lines; quarter/half/end of hall, run with ball.
  2. Sprints 50%, 75%, 100%.
  3. Slide sideways back and forth length hall 3x.
  4. Walk backwards back and forth length hall 3x.
  5. Three passes forward, two passes backward length hall 3x.
  6. Short acceleration runs from 25% to 100% at 75% hall.
Each round is 3x with a max of 3 minutes.
  • At 3 spots(LO/MO/RO) place a dummy or poles with vests.
  • Players approach from 1 side, get the ball and after 2 steps from the 2nd line they finish 3 times with:
    • High stretch/ swing shot.
    • Underhand shot.
    • Articulated shot.

  • Have left-handed players start on the right.
  • Focus on ball control.
  • Lots of repetitions.
  • Sitting with the buttocks on the ground and shooting on goal.
  • Kneeling on both knees and shooting on goal.
  • Kneeling on 1 knee and shooting on goal.
  • Ensures optimal use of the upper body.
Players stand in pairs in a plank position facing each other.
  • Roll 1 ball, right hand to right hand, left hand to left hand.
  • Tip to each other.
  • Throw over without the ball touching the ground.
2 or 3 players per position.
Hats at start and end point.
  • Player goes across in backward crab position with ball on belly.
  • Plays the ball back to the next and joins the line again
  • Warm up with arm twist.
  • Walking on heels.
  • Walk on forefoot.
  • Calf muscles: 2 legs up from toes, 2 sacks/1 sacks - steps.
  • Stretch: 1 leg forward, other leg slightly bent. Touch stretched leg.
  • Crab pose: turn leg inward and outward.
  • Push-up.
Marker at jumping spot.
Multiple 'stations'.

1. Kneeling with right leg in front, start, left to marker, followed by jump shot.
Throw arm sideways, not high. 

2. Approach from corner.
Jump far! Turn in the air, arm sideways.

3. Tackler with ball.
Run-up from the corner - Thrower plays with bounce.

  • Explanation jump shot: Left - right - left - turn with left for jump - shoot in the air. Left-handed players do it the other way around
    • (Eventually you have to be able to start it with both legs)
    • Pay attention to height - do not jump forward. Use arms to get extra upward energy. First in slow motion!
  • Trainer stands halfway the 9 meters
  • Players in a row at distance
  • Player throws ball to trainer, runs in, catches ball at the 9 meter and finishes with 3 passes - jump shot.
  • Trainer sits on knees (or stands, depending on length) gets ball from player, player makes jump shot and throws over trainer.
  • Mark floor with hats for null pass (catch and drop) and jump shot with 1 or 3 passes.
All players will be divided into groups of 3
  • All groups take place along the sideline
  • Player A sprints 2x to the other side while players B and C do a power exercise on their place
  • When player A comes back, she taps player B, who then starts sprinting Players A and C continue with the power exercise.
  • The same happens with player C
  • Every player runs 1x and does 2x the power exercise
Examples for power exercises:
  • Push-ups
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks
  • Sit-ups