Korfball drills for all skills

  • Take turns taking 5 chances:
    • Shot from movement on right leg in front of the basket. (competition distance)
    • Idem on left leg.
    • Then take a through ball.
    • Take a short shot behind the basket.
    • Finish with a penalty throw.
  • The goal is to individually score at least 3 out of 5 chances (you finish the assignment despite everything).
  • Everyone has to succeed in this, if not we repeat the exercise and they get a running lane at the end.
  • If someone succeeds in scoring 5 out of 5, he/she can free one person who doesn't have 3 out of 5.
  • Exercise is done a maximum of 4 times (suicide with max 4 turnovers).
  • About 3 exercises with defender at 80%. (allow chance).
  • About 10 walk-throughs.
  • About 10 short chances (2-3m) on the move.
  • About 10 shots (5-6 m) on the move.

  • 4-4 games without assignments.
  • Per attack 4 balls.
  • Goal is bonus attack.
  • After 1 round the teams get together and discuss what went well and what didn't.
  • After 2 rounds swap.
  • Swap sides, face each other and shoot.
  • 3 pawns in front of the basket (fixed declarer).
  • 1 rebound, 1 attacker.
  • Attacker starts at the back pawn.
  • When you score a goal, you may move one pawn forward.
  • When you miss, you move one pawn backwards.
  • Fixed declarer, change after one round.
  • Rounds of play:
  • Round 1:
    • 10 loose balls.
  • Round 2:
    • 8 short chances.
  • Round 3:
    • 5 shots. (3m, swerve alternately).
  • Round 4:
    • 4 shots. (5m, changeable evasion) Good for 2 points.
  • Final:
    • Score 25 short chances (together).
  • Couple with most points wins.
  • Conditioning game 2 teams - 5 rounds.
  • You stay with your teams on your own side.
  • Handlers change sides to keep everyone moving.
  • The aim is to do the exercise with high intensity.
  • Start in front of the pawns. After pion 5 in sprint to the first basket.
  • Rebound sprints to the second basket.
  • Rebounder second basket joins again with the pawns.
  • Individual scorer count up.
  • Counting out loud with your team.
    • Per round 1 point.
    • Round 5 = 2 points.
  • Round 1:
    • 10 balls. (pawn exercises = knee lifts)
  • Round 2:
    • 8 shots 3-4m. (Pawn exercise = 2 pawns forward, 1 pawn backward)
  • Round 3:
    • 10 short chances. (pawn exercise = zigzagging)
  • Round 4:
    • 6 shots 4-5m. (pawn exercise = zigzagging backwards)
  • Round 5:
    • Team with least points determines exercise, also the pawn exercise.


  • We play in excess for attack.
  • Per 3 or 5 on a pole. (When there are enough exercises, 7 or 8 on a pole is also possible).
  • The goal is not to stay in the same place, so move around a lot and get in shooting position as much as possible.
  • Use all the space around the basket.

Task 1:

  • Player 1 is the attacker, player 2 and 3 stand around the basket.
  • Player 1 plays player 2, and goes out.
  • Player 2 passes the ball on to player 3 who shoots.
  • Player 2 cuts in to catch the ball.
  • After catching, you again play to the shooter, who in turn plays to the next one to get a shot, etc.

Task 2:

  • All players stand around the basket and start playing.
  • Move after passing.

Task 3:

  • All players stand around the basket and start playing.
  • Move after passing. (even when you are in the support).
  • Aim to score and not because you are free.

Task 4:

  • All players stand around the basket and start playing.
  • Cross every time after passing. (play with 3 attackers).
  • Get ready to score.

Task 5:

  • Play with support, but it is filled in by someone else after each pass.
  • Round 1:
    • White throws to blue, gets the ball back, throws to red (blue is going towards the basket), gets the ball back, throws at blue for walkthrough.
    • Blue catches and starts the exercise again by throwing to red. (10x scoring)
  • Round 2:
    • Same as round 1 but blue passes to white for a short chance. (10x scoring)
  • Round 3:
    • Ditto round 1 but blue deflects for shot at 4m. (6x scoring)
  • Round 4:
    • Ditto round 3 but white pulls away from rebound for short chance (10x scoring)
  • Round 5:
    • White throws to blue, gets the ball back, throws to red (blue is going towards the basket), white doubles up with red and runs a deep line, gets the ball and shoots (6x scoring)
  • Round 6:
    • Ditto round 5 but white does not shoot and passes to red who connects and red shoots. (6x scoring)
  • At high intensity, good condition training.
  • Shooting exercises:
    • 5 - rounds (turn around basket)
  • Round 1:
    • The shooter takes 4 shots of 3 to 4m from the front, back and sides of the basket. (clockwise).
  • Round 2:
    • Quick wide movements and pass (2 hands) on 3 meter. Pass 3 times and then shoot.
  • Round 3:
    • The shooter takes 4 shots from 3 to 4m from the front, back and sides of the basket. (counter clockwise)
  • Round 4:
    • Quick wide movements and pass (1 hand) at 6 meter. 3x pass then shot.
  • Round 5:
    • Starting at 1m from the basket, scoring = step back.
    • Miss twice in a row = change.
    • Who will score first at step 5?
  • Ball 1 (with or without defenders)
  • Player A passes to B and keeps moving in front.
  • B passes to C and starts rebounding.
  • C passes to D and keeps moving in the back.
  • D passes to A and both stay in front at a good distance from the basket until player C runs in the support.
  • Player A passes to C.
  • C waits in the support position for just under a second.
  • Player B pulls away from the rebound position.
  • Player C passes to B and turns on her axis to immediately fold in.
  • B passes directly back to C for the through ball.
  • When C misses, it is C's task to rebound immediately and adjust the free running player B for a possible 2nd chance. (short chance).
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