Korfball drills for warming-up

  • You stand on a large field.
  • You make 2 teams, 1 team stands left behind the line and the other team right behind the line.
  • 1 big ball, lies in the middle of the field.
  • Each player has a ball.
  • They try to hit the ball from behind the line and roll it over the line of the opponent.
  • After throwing you pick up your own ball and stand behind your own line again, and you start aiming at the big ball again, until the ball has crossed someone's line.
  • Players run one after the other in a "train" around the poles.
  • The last player tries to get in front.
  • If he succeeds, the next player goes.
  • Players continue until everyone has come from the back to the front.
  • First round at an easy pace.
  • Second round faster pace.
  • 2 poles opposite each other.
  • Each pole has its own 2/3 team.
  • The two players who are going for a walk-through walk towards the other pole.
  • In the middle they circle each other.
  • The players sprint back to their own goalposts and make a turnover.


  • Instead of a through ball, a dodge ball.
  • Instead of a through ball, a pull-away ball behind the post.
  • If necessary, post to post, whoever scores X number of goals first.
  • Run through the rope ladder and/or zigzag through the pawns.
  • After the ladder/pawns the ball is passed to you and you score a through ball.
  • Make ten goals at each pole with your pair.
  • It is a warming-up, so do this at a slow pace.
  • Post 1:
    • One foot in the ladder step at a time.
  • Post 2:
    • Two feet in the ladder step at a time.
  • Post 3:
    • Hopping from hole to hole.
  • Pole 4:
    • Zigzagging around the cones.
  • Pole 5:
    • 2 pawns forward, 1 backward, 2 forward etc.
  • Per pole with 2 or 3 participants you start with 20 balls which are indicated from the space.
  • When 20 have been scored you and your pole continue with the next exercise.
  • 10 distance shots from the spot.
  • Scored?
  • Move on to 10 dodge balls.
  • Each team has to score these goals.

  • Trio shooting.
  • Shoot a threesome with pairs.
  • In order:
    • Distance shot.
    • Passing ball and small chance near the post.
  • Who is first to score 25 points.
  • Point count:
    • 0 x hit = -1.
    • 1 x hit = 0.
    • 2 x hit = 2 or 3 points where the walkthrough and small chance count for 1 and the distance shot for 2.
    • 3 x hit = 5.
  • When both players have 25 points, the exercise is finished.
  • All in a row, start at the back line.
  • On the way out you sprint, on the way back you dribble.
  • Every time you come to a line you do an exercise. 1x after the outward journey, 1x after the return journey.
  • Exercises (numbers are free to fill in):
    • Squats
    • Push-ups (possibly on your knees)
    • Jumping jacks
    • Lunges, first with the left, then with the right.
    • Burpees

  • In teams of 2 at the basket, 3rd player does secondary exercises.
  • Player 1 (attacker-rebounder) with ball under the basket, player 2 about 5 meters in front of the basket.
  • The shooter's assignment is to score 6 times from a shot.
  • After each shot, the shooter moves again, so everything must be done on the move.
  • The positions remain until someone actually has 6.
  • Then you rotate through (declarer --> rehearsal --> shooter --> declarer).
  • Always keep in mind that the distance rules must be maintained, especially when rebounding a shot that falls in front.
  • There are a number of hats all over the field, in different colours.
  • The coach calls out 'white', then all children must run as fast as possible to a white hat.
  • There is one hat too little for each colour, so the child who is not standing at a hat has to do an assignment of his own.

  • Examples assignment:
    • Run a circle.
    • Push-ups.
    • Jump 5x as high as possible.
    • Pull a sprint.
    • Score 2x at the basket.
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