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Volleyball drills

Per 2 or 3 players.
  • Player at the net with ball on a mat, this is the zone to be played to.
  • 2 players in the backfield. Take turns playing the ball back to the net player.
  • After contact by the back player, the 3 meter line is touched with quick movement.
  • Overhand/underhand contact only.
  • No more catching the ball.
drawing Warm up and ball control
  • No training backward pass, so finish this way only when certain.
  • Ball thrown in from 2 to 6.
  • Reception to 3.
  • Ball is passed to 2 or 4, call for behind!
  • Other side turns the wrong way and we make the point!
  • Pass through every time!
drawing False pass and attack
Exercise to pass underhand and/or overhand.
  • The set-upper throws the ball high enough for the attacker.
  • Use a korfball basket for this purpose.
drawing Pass and Setup
  • 2 pass to the same side and attack.
  • Focus on the pass.
  • When the pass is given, leave with your run-up.
  • Exercise can also be adapted with explanation false pass:
    • always run up but the pass goes backwards to the other player. Opponents rotate their position and stand completely wrong as a result.
drawing Set-up: attack
  • Each side of the field 1 pass
  • Players throw in trap from 2 to 6
  • 6 passes to 3
  • Pass into basket
drawing Set-up exercise with basket
2 working groups:

Group 1 with trainer:
  • Make 2 Trios.
  • 1st trio goes behind 7 meter line on belly.
  • Trainer with ball carrier in corner of field.
  • Trainer claps on ball and immediately plays down field.
  • First ball must be played in 3 meter zone, non-reception player catches ball in pass position
  • other players stand on attacking home the moment ball is caught and call for pass.
Group 2
  • 3 players with ball at the net.
  • Others go to work, starting in corner of field
  • Get short ball first, far ball and back a short ball.
drawing Defense - attack home
1 player works, 4 pass balls.
  • Worker starts at the net in block position.
  • Block over net as start signal of exercise.
  • Worker makes 1st 3rd time move & ball is passed in from position 4.
  • Worker goes to retrieve short ball from position 1.
  • Worker taps player in position 2 and brings ball back that is thrown into the court.
  • Worker retrieves short ball from the ground from position 5.
drawing Condition and displacement
  • Players start opposite each other at the net with 1 ball.
  • Ball is thrown under the net during a lateral move. Staying low is important.
  • Blue player leaves towards the back line.
    • jumping exercise on the bench
    • Sprint between the 2 cones
    • Back towards the net through speed ladder
  • Red player departs diagonally to the back line
    • Dive to the corner of the field
    • Hopping step with high knees from cone to cone
    • Side plank movement across mat
    • Ball waiting for players under the net and continue around the court
  • Both players reconnect on the other side of the field and start another round.
3 - 5 rotations.
drawing overhand + V
Make pairs.
Two pawns per pair.

  • One throws the ball and the other passes.
  • When passing, make sure the ball can be caught overhead.
  • Throw the ball left and then right.
  • Increase the pace during the exercise.
  • Scramble to practice understanding.
drawing Pass exercise: shuffling
  • Serve from position 1 diagonally to position 1.
  • There is a passer who passes to a playmaker, if he catches the ball within 2 steps you get 1 point.
  • Faulty service is point off.
  • Which team reaches the 15 first, if this takes too long you can lower it.
  • In this exercise taking turns serving is recommended.

  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, catcher becomes server. rotate on own side.
  • If possible reserve server, then reserve passers.
drawing Targeted serving
  • On one side are a playmaker and a passer on the front left or right.
  • On the other side of the net stands someone who hits, this person calmly hits the ball toward the passer.
  • The passer passes to the playmaker.
  • The playmaker gives a set up on the passer who has passed.
  • The attacker/passer retrieves his own ball and becomes a thrower.
  • The thrower becomes passer.
drawing Impact with pass
  • Serve from position 1 to position 5.
  • There is a passer who passes to a playmaker, if he catches the ball within 2 steps, you get 1 point.
  • Faulty service is point off.
  • Which team gets to the 15 first, if this takes too long, you can reduce the number.
  • Server becomes passer, passer becomes catcher, catcher becomes server. passing on own side.
drawing Targeted serving