Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Setup in system.
  • mainly from game situation
  • 3 players serve, 6 players in the field.
  • after 7 minutes swap 3 teams.
  • Teams of 3,
  • play 3 against 3.
  • Each player may touch the ball once and the ball must be played 3 times.
  • Every team that enters the field has a ball, which also goes into the field.
  • Batting on both sides of the net,
  • expandable with defense and blocking (1 man)
  • side A: team set-up, other people on the other side.
    • Service from side A
  • Team on side B must hit the first two attacks,
  • 3rd attack may only be hit,
  • Puncture where critical in defense.
  • 3 pass setup + 1 SV
    • pass to playmaker = 1 point
    • sv drops ball in basket = +2 point
    • wrong service = 1 point
    • foul pass =-1 point.
  • After 2 services = turn over
  • Triplets 1 ball.
  • Two on the backline 1 with ball at the net.
  • The ball is thrown in one half of the field, the passer has to call and the other one is going to catch it.
  • The players may only pass to their own side.
    • If the passer succeeds in catching the ball they both get a point.
  • If all passes well the passer has a point (be strict on the pass).
  • After 10 balls they rotate.

If the back players get the ball to the net player, they earn an extra point.


Explanation system 3-2-1. Team training with intervention.

  • Build up free attack first,
    • Outside, middle, back.
  • With playmaker,
  • two men pass.

Goal: Move to the ball and technique.

  • 3 men stand at the net
  • the first one throws a long ball on the 7meter line,
  • then a short ball and another deep ball in the back.

  • T throws ball to line of passers
  • Pass to SV on 2/3
  • SV gives a good set up at 52 (outside)
  • Offender plays BH to the hoop at position 1
  • Then to the hoop at position 5

If it goes well, make it a game, every time you hit a hoop, 1 point