Volleyball drills for all skills

  • Organization:
    • 2 players with ball at the end of a bench at the net on field B.
    • Libero at position 5 on field B.
    • 2 players with ball on the backline on field A.
    • Trainer with balls at the right side of field A.
    • Remaining players at position 5 on field A.
  • Implementation:
    • 1st player comes running at p4, blocks ball.
    • On coming down the player on the back line p6 throws up the ball.
    • Blocking player is going to play this ball up and then runs back.
    • For a 2nd block to then defend the back line.
    • Then trainer throws a ball on the 3m-line to be attacked on L.
    • Pick up the ball and give it to the trainer.
  • Solving points:
    • Do not start too fanatically.
    • Regularly change the players on the bench and on the back line.
  • Organization:
    • 2 players on p2 with balls.
    • 2 players in the backfield.
    • 2 (or more) players out of the field.
  • Implementation:
    • During 1 minute, the players on the p2 are going to keep the field players busy with attacks, tip balls, etc.
    • Let 1 player on p2 work and as soon as a ball is not defended, the 2nd player takes over.
    • The players off the field take care of ball safety.
    • After 1 minute the players on p2 become defenders, defenders go out of the field and 2 new ones on p2.
  • Organization:
    • 3 passers including a PL and the Libero on field A.
    • Playmaker on field A.
    • Serve and block p2 at field B.
    • Defenders on field B.
  • Execution:
    • Change service into pass in setup in attack on p4.
    • Change after 3x attacks on p4.
  • Expand:
    • Add a block p3.
    • Swap at 3x score.

  • 1 player at the net on position 2/3
  • 3 players in the backfield.
  • The player at the net puts the defense to work and has the freedom to touch each ball at least once up to a maximum of three times.
  • The defense makes sure that the ball reaches the player at the net in 1 or 2 times.
  • Objective:
    • Increase responsiveness.
  • Place one player in the corner of the field.
  • Have at least 4 players stand around him in a quarter circle.
  • Each player has his own ball.
  • Throw the ball in tempo (tight) on the knees of the player in the corner to pass back underhand.
  • After passing, immediately throw the ball to the next player in the quarter circle.
  • Player in the corner so consecutive balls in underhand pass back:
    • Important to stay low.
    • Expect the ball.
    • Respond regardless.
  • About 5 rounds and then replace the player in the corner.
  • Two players stand behind each other.
  • About half a meter apart, facing the same way.
  • Another player stands 3 or 4 meters away from them and has a ball and throws it to upper hand.
  • The one who throws throws randomly on player 1 and 2.
  • Player 1 or 2 calls loose if he thinks the ball is for him and plays overhand back.
  • About 20 balls in a row.
  • Then the group of 3 changes position until everyone has been there.
  • After that again, but now without talking.
  • All on the 3 meter line facing the net.
  • If necessary divide in two halves.
  • In slow motion synchronise the attacking pass. (right-handed)
  • The next steps are in an arc towards the net; by doing this all at once in synchrony, they oblige each other to run in an arc:
    • Left small step; take arms to the front; start of forward force
    • Right big step; arms all the way back; deep in knees; accelerationof forward force
    • Left foot in front of the right (close step), with the foot parallel to the net; forward force is slowed down
    • Throw both arms up and push off with 2 feet up; forward force is converted into upward force
    • Right arm backwards like baseball/arrow pitcher; left arm points in direction of desired ball path; strike ball and land through knees approx. 0.5m in front of the net

  • The first student picks up the second and they have to return to the starting point with the hoop around their waists.
  • Nr 1 holds the wall with one hand.
  • Nr 2 picks up nr 3 and holds on to nr 1.
  • And so on.
  • When everybody is picked up, a long chain is formed and everybody has to try to get through the hoop.
  • Group on 5 and 6.
  • 5 throws ball towards 3 and players on 6 set up from 3.
  • Players on 5 attack on 4.
  • 5 gets the ball and 6 passes to 5.
  • Pay attention to high quality. Arms well up, straight up, high jumps.
  • Ditto:
    • But then from 6 and 1, attack on 2.
  • Ditto:
    • Fixed setter, players 6 play the ball BH to setter, players 5 attack on 4.
  • Ditto:
    • But then attack on 2, from 1.
  • Variation diagonal/straight through.
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