Volleyball drills for defense / passing / digging / diving / reception

  • Per 2: 10x
  • White hits the ball = sign that blue may move backwards
  • White touches the ball --> blue plays the ball to the middle of the front (white moves to the middle of the field after the touch)
  • Blue does sliding dive to front
  • On 3:
  • Same as above but with sliding dive outside the box --> move on
  • Trainer brings the ball from the backfield into the centre.
  • The middle player of the trio must set it up directly to one of the other players.
  • Call who you are serving.
  • In this way, the 'non-attacker' can go directly under the net to defend the ball.
  • Once at the other side, a perfect attack is built up and a new trio is ready to defend this attack and turn it into a counter-attack.
  • If you win the rally, the trio counts its point, but the next round starts from the beginning.

  • On both sides players on position 1, 3 and 4.
  • Take turns setting up the ball.
  • Position 4 sets up the ball.
  • Ball setter hits ball --> passer runs in and sets up pass.
  • Position 3 gets loose from the net and plays ball diagonally across.
  • Other side makes its move!
  • Passer also moves backwards and makes a pass.
  • If successful, play on.


  • Objective :
  • defense zone 4-5 according to defense system :
  • block open-toe
  • Execution :
  • A = attacker |
  • S = setter |
  • P = passer |
  • B = blocker |
  • MB = middle block |
  • V = defender |
  • X = player

- X serve --> A/P --> pass --> S ( penetration pos 1)- S set-up
--> A pos 4- A -->
attack zone 4-5- V/L -->
defense in zone X

  • extension :
  • MB at post
  • after defense it gives the set-up for pipe --> by X
  • 4 gives setup on 1 and 1 attacks on 2.
  • 2 defends to 3,
  • 3 gives setup on 2 and 2 attacks on 1,
  • 1 defends on 4 and it starts all over again.
  • After 3 and 4 have given 5 setups they switch,
  • the challenge is to do this while keeping the ball in play.


  • Three defenders in the field
  • One person who catches
  • Rest: serve
  • Strikes follow each other quickly
  • Each person in the field must make 5 perfect receptions to the receiver.
  • Catcher determines if the reception is good
  • When a defender has made 5 perfect receptions, he becomes a catcher and the catcher starts to serve
  • Hang up the net at about 1,50 m.
  • Work with 4 players, 2 on each side of the net.
  • Player smashes the ball down, pass to player at the net


The purpose of the exercise is twofold: the defender must learn to 'read' where the attacker is going to hit and the attacker must look where the defence is before hitting.

We work with two regular playmakers, on both sides of the field a row of attackers on the left-for position. And two defenders, who may choose where they position themselves on the field. A defender has to defend the attack 10 times, preferably a nice pass, but touching is enough. If the attacker hits the net or leaves the field, that also counts. And the attackers may only smash, no prick balls! After the attack, the attacker retrieves the ball and joins the other row. The attacker who defends the ball at the 10th time takes the place of the defender. The defender will then of course attack.


  • 8 - 10 players
  • enough balls

If there are less players, the exercise can also be done, but then on one side. The attacker retrieves the ball and joins the same line.

The blocker joins in, indicates where he is going to block and the mid-back goes to his place.


Besides technique, communication is very important in volleyball. And both aspects apply to this exercise. And respond adequately to situations which are different than normal. In such an exercise you see very well how different players are.


3 players position for passing (numbers 3, 4 and 5). Player 2 is ready on the side of the same side. The other players are ready with the ball to serve on the other side.

  • Player 1 serves the ball (and immediately walks back to where player 2 is standing).
  • A player passes the ball. Another player sets up. And a third player plays the ball over the net. All three players have to play the ball, or pass, or set up, or attack
  • When the ball is over the net, the players rotate: 2 enters the field (where 3 was standing) 3 goes to centre back, 4 goes to where 5 was standing, and 5 goes to the serving spot on the other side.
  • Then the next player can serve, player 8 on the drawing etc.


  • 4 balls
  • 7-8 players
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