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Volleyball drills for technique general

Exercise to pass underhand and/or overhand.
  • The set-upper throws the ball high enough for the attacker.
  • Use a korfball basket for this purpose.
drawing Pass and Setup
  • The players stand in front of the net with a ball
  • They throw the ball into the net
  • They take the ball out underhand
  • Do a reception short over the net
  • They crawl under the net and catch the ball
  • They roll the ball and dive after it
  • They start again
drawing taking the ball out of the net
Play in pairs from approx. 3m line to 7m line.

Net player always plays up 1x for himself, then back again.

Back player plays back in 1x and then does for himself successively:

  • 5x Turn around on own spot.
  • 5x To the back line, tap with 1 hand and return to 7m.
  • 5x Sit on your buttocks and stand up again.
If the ball goes wrong: Start again at the last unsuccessful series of 5.

Change after 15x.

First round overhead, 2nd round underhand.

  • Two teams of up to 4 people, 1 ball.
  • On both sides 2 persons in the field, other persons behind the back line.
Goal: score in 1x in the other field, inside the lines.

  • Start with simple underhand service
  • We play underhand tennis, so in 1x over the net.
  • Difficult ball may bounce 1x, but then the ball must be returned with: one hand, one foot or the head.
If a mistake is made, the player leaves the court, goes to the back line, and a new player takes over.

drawing Tennis - Special
  • 2 groups of 4 to 5 kids on half a field.
  • 2/3 on the serve. 1 player on the other side of the net for the pass. 1 player at the net.

  • There is a serve and the passer plays the ball to the player at the net.
    Who catches the ball and throws the ball to the serve.
  • The passer remains standing for 10 balls. The two players at the serve take turns hitting.
  • After 10 balls, turn to pass.
drawing Pass exercise
Warm-up exercise focusing on neat passing and moving:

  • 2 players with a ball stand about 4 meters apart.
  • Opposite them, 2 twos/threes stand without ball.
  • The players with ball play to the person opposite, this person plays the ball back cleanly and joins the other row shuffling.
  • Carry this through at a fast pace, making sure players are actively moving.
drawing Quick step
Group divide over both courts.

  • Play the ball in a maximum of 2 actions UNDERhand over the net.
  • After each net passage the team rotates one position.
  • If the ball falls on the floor or an opponent has to play the ball differently, the team that played the ball over the net scores.
  • In principle, the game does not have to stop.
  • Should this happen, the ball is brought back into play through an OH service from the backfield.
  • Who has the first 15 points?
Depending on the level, the 2nd ball out of position may be attacked from the backfield.

drawing Only by private treaty
  • Batted ball
  • Roll over and beaten ball
  • Jump over fence and batted ball
drawing Defense after action
  • Throwing the ball high
  • Get under the ball
  • Playing the ball to the high hoop
drawing Overhead along the net
  • Starting in the back at a distance of about 3 meters
  • Play in pairs towards the net
  • Always play one meter diagonally forward
  • Play overhead, underhand, backhand
  • Hit the last ball over the net
  • If necessary, play a ball in front of yourself
  • If too easy, increase distance
drawing Zigzag replay
Matches 2 against 2, with different assignments, such as:
  • Ball must compulsorily cross the net in 2x;
  • Only attack from behind 3 meters;
  • Only the first ball is allowed underarm;
  • Smaller field.
1 person in the middle plays the ball up, teammates in a circle around it must make sure the ball comes back:
  • With 1 hand touching the ball, never 2x in a row
  • In 5x back or touched 2x by everyone
  • Touching the ground with the hand after each action