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Volleyball drills for technique passing / defense / reception

  • 2 servers
  • 1 passer
  • 1 catcher

  • Thick mat obstructs passer's view, requiring passer to focus on ball trajectory.
  • Passer passes to catcher who rolls on to serveers.
  • Roll through after 10 balls
drawing Fitting without sight
  • 3 players in the middle play overhand for themselves.
  • 2 players outside also play overhand for themselves.
  • The outside players run around it.
  • And pass in between.
drawing Carousel
  • Divide group into triplets.
  • Form of play is 2 against 2 on a half court.
  • Goal: move and communicate in backfield.
    • Do not want to score, but keep the ball in play, play "on" the person and make long rallies.
    • Hit the 3rd ball as much as possible. Play overhand to keep the rally going.
  • Starting position:
    • 2 players in the court, 1 on the back line "waiting room" on both sides.
  • Ball is brought in from 2-3 meters with toss and attacking stroke=> back 5-7 meter position.
  • Passer becomes attacker. so after pass immediately to 3 meters and then attack.
  • After attack immediately out and to waiting room.
  • Non-passer goes forward immediately and becomes Setter then back to 5-7m position.
  • "Waiting room" supplies new passer.
drawing Two-Two - Moving
  • Trainer brings the ball into play towards the passer by throwing/striking.
  • Of the two passers, the one who claims the ball will play the ball to 1 of the 2 SVs.
  • SV gives long setup towards attack.
  • Attacker hits ball straight through and retrieves ball, ball in ball box, joins passers.
drawing Pass, setup and attack
Starting position: 3 players on red side, rest on blue side.

  • Blue side always starts, with OH service.
  • Tennis OH directly over the net => approximately 3 meter line.
  • After Tennis outside the posts to the other side.
  • Red players: place ball in center of court where around 3 meters the blue players are.
  • Blue players: Place ball deliberately left or right of the center of the field where the red team is standing.
  • Red side: thinking, what is your next action?
    • Played left => Red player is going to do exercise 1
    • Played right => Red player is going to do exercise 2.
Examples of exercises:
  • Mat => make roll
  • Pawns => shuffle through them
  • Foot ladder with assignment.
  • Bad Ball => pick up in bin and join the other team.
drawing Tennis Warm-Up with extras
  • 2-pairs
  • 1 with ball, 1 without ball lies on the ground
  • series of 30 seconds with 30 seconds rest

  • At start signal, player lying down stands up, gets ball thrown to him.
  • Player plays back overhand and goes back to the ground.
  • Again, explosive up, get ready, play and return to ground.
  • 30 seconds rest
  • Next series of 30 but pass underhand.
  • Then change and start again.
  • Two teams of up to 4 people, 1 ball.
  • On both sides 2 persons in the field, other persons behind the back line.
Goal: score in 1x in the other field, inside the lines.

  • Start with simple underhand service
  • We play underhand tennis, so in 1x over the net.
  • Difficult ball may bounce 1x, but then the ball must be returned with: one hand, one foot or the head.
If a mistake is made, the player leaves the court, goes to the back line, and a new player takes over.

drawing Tennis - Special
  • Players without ball on P2, P3, P4, P5/6 and P1/6.
  • Other players with ball on P6
  • Start with throwing, tossing or punting.
  • Later BH from the net and OH from the backfield.
  • From P6 pass the ball to P4 and run after it.
  • From P4 and P3 move the ball to P5/6 and P1/6 respectively and backward.
  • From P5/6 and P1/6 to P3 and P2 ball chase.
  • At P2 catch and connect to P6.
drawing Defending Zig-Zag
  • 2 groups of 4 to 5 kids on half a field.
  • 2/3 on the serve. 1 player on the other side of the net for the pass. 1 player at the net.

  • There is a serve and the passer plays the ball to the player at the net.
    Who catches the ball and throws the ball to the serve.
  • The passer remains standing for 10 balls. The two players at the serve take turns hitting.
  • After 10 balls, turn to pass.
drawing Pass exercise
Warm-up exercise focusing on neat passing and moving:

  • 2 players with a ball stand about 4 meters apart.
  • Opposite them, 2 twos/threes stand without ball.
  • The players with ball play to the person opposite, this person plays the ball back cleanly and joins the other row shuffling.
  • Carry this through at a fast pace, making sure players are actively moving.
drawing Quick step
  • The players stand in a diamond in the field.
  • On the other side of the field, the hoops are in the corners.
  • The trainer/trainer serves easily to the other side.
  • On the other side, they try to pass 3 times and then try to drop down into the hoop.
drawing Find the corners with attack game
  • 3 people in the serve pass at 5, 6 and 1 + 1 reserve behind the court.
  • 1 playmaker starting at 2/3.
  • The rest with ball on the opposite side.
  1. Serve on the passers, bring pass to position 2/3.
  2. Then the playmaker plays a ball to position 4 where a basket is set up.
  3. Ball played in an acceptable ball trajectory against the basket is 1 point, ball directly into it is 2 points.
  4. Push the team to actually go for as many points as possible.
  • You can choose to have a fixed playmaker, or rotate. In that case the passer --> playmaker --> server --> reserve --> passer.
  • With a large group you can use 2 sides, with a small group you can also cut the number of passers.

drawing Set-up the basket in